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If you are wanting offline and career mode then you should probably check back in 6 to 12 months. Computer AI opponents and career modes are planned but not yet implemented.
It's difficult to compare the two at this point because The Golf Club has a 12 month head start in terms of development and so, in terms of features, Perfect Golf is currently a long way behind. However, it PG has excellent potential and has received mostly positive reviews on Steam so far despite still being in a very basic form. In my opinion, Perfect Golf could be the best golf game on PC in a year's time.   They both have good graphics and PG can run 1080P resolution...
So... replying to my own thread over a year later. Feels a bit strange, but it would appear that "Perfect Golf" has hit Steam and it's actually pretty darn good.   http://store.steampowered.com/app/288140/   It's still in early access (priced at £15 or $20) so it's understandably rough around the edges and a bit buggy but it's shaping up nicely and is far closer to Links 2003 than TW in terms of style, ie a golf simulator.   The team responsible are part of the...
I reckon a main difference between a 20 handicap and a 15 handicap could be the number of melt-down holes. Think about your previous few rounds and try to figure out what caused the melt-downs. Is there a pattern?   For example, I naturally draw the ball on a course where most of the OBs are on the left. Occasionally I hit a hook off the tee which, if done on one of these holes, causes a card-wrecker. I worked like crazy to reduce those hooks and my scores are now much...
My 60deg low bounce only comes out when it's off a fairway lie near the green and I have a hazard to get over but on those occasions I'm glad I have it.   If there's no hazards to get over then it's a variable bump and run.   Any sort of fluffy lie or rough to content with and it's normally the SW, since the high bounce generally results in more consistent contact.
I always chuckle at the thought of an irate golfer chasing a giant rodent down a fairway with a pitching wedge shouting, "give me back my ProV1 you little bastard!"
  There's a small course in Bristish Columbia called Marmot Ridge where the local rule used to be that you got a free drop if a marmot steals your ball. Happens quite a lot apparently but it would make a great excuse.
Ah yes, the unmistakable sound of golf ball hitting wood. That reminds me of a time I saw a playing partner have to duck as it bounced straight back at his face.
An easy solution would be for me to aim directly at the guy in question which would mean I'm assured to miss.
Ah, now that's a better idea. Or you could just "accidently" step on his ball as you walk off, heavily.
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