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So on Monday, I played two matches. On the front, I went up 3 through 4, but lost on the ninth hole. On the back, I went up 2 through 4, and halved the match. Any help on how to close out matches?
Par 5 - 252 to the center, downwind probably 15 yards worth. Hit the green (2-putt for bird).
I just got a new (to me) 3-wood. Basically, I wanted something that was good out of the fairway, rough, and off the tee. On top of this, I looked for a little forgiveness and workability (left-right and right-left). If you just want a 3 wood that is good off the tee - one that acts as a second driver - look for something with a bigger head. Taylor Made and Callaway fit the bill on this one. If you want a good overall 3-wood, something with a little lower profile...
I play a 24* 4-iron and a 19* hybrid. I hit the 4-iron 185-190 and the hybrid 210-215 Obviously I have a huge distance gap, and seeing as I'm dropping a wedge, I'll have room to add another hybrid. What loft do you think would fit the distance gap and go about 200? I'm thinking somewhere around 22* would fit the bill. What do you think?
79 (+7). 42/37. 37 (+1) is my best score on 9 ever. I'm pretty excited about that. Back to the round, 7 fairways, 12 GIR (8 on the back), 36 putts, 2 birds, 2 doubles, three 3-putts, and three 1-putts. I left a few shots out there around the greens on some chips, but I'm happy with the way I hit the ball. Handicap's on its way down!
Where do you think the 2010 NBA Free Agents will end up? LeBron James - Cleveland Dwayne Wade - Miama Chris Bosh - Chicago Amar'e Stoudemire - NY or Phoenix (50/50) Carlos Boozer - Miami Joe Johnson - Atlanta Dirk Nowitzki - Dallas Paul Pierce - Boston Ray Allen - Boston Rudy Gay - Memphis (signed the contract just now) I don't really know and/or care where the other free agents go.
Simple question. Yes or no, and why or why not.
How do you know if you don't watch the NBA?All of this stuff with the refs that you mentioned is all because of MJ. I agree that it sucks sometimes because some of the calls are so cheap but it usually evens out within a game.
My buddy shot 34/46 in a tournament. For me, it's 39/46. It's "only" 7 shots, but I guess it's good that my nines are somewhat consistent.
He's actually got 19. You're a 13 and you can't add? Maybe those 86s are actually 88s ;). All jokes aside, I agree with Fourputt that many golfers just throw clubs in their bag without really thinking about it. If you don't use it, you don't need it. However, I think as your handicap decreases, you're more able to take advantage of 14 clubs.
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