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Proper wrist cock and loading (and pushing off) the inside of the right foot more. I was thinking of working on a better lateral hip slide, but I think I have enough on my plate right now. In putting, I'm working on 3-4 footers.
Why would it help you from putting too much left to right? I thought larger grips would help you from putting too much right left (for righties).
This is the answer to your golf question kevin. Your duck hooks are just overcompensations for whatever was causing your slice. (Duck hooks are the opposite of slices in terms of the club path/face angle IIRC). Think of it this way: if you're playing basketball and you miss 3 shots in a row off the front of the rim, obviously the next one you should probably try shooting a little harder. Maybe you miss the hoop completely and shoot over the rim, but eventually you'll...
Your analogy is weak. Fitting a golf club (properly) is much different than finding a shoe that fits. If you're suggesting the OP buy a set that is fit to his body type (height, length of arms, etc. - like those charts), that's fine. But there's no sense in doing dynamic fitting that we all know is best. His swing is surely too inconsistent right now and will definitely change with lessons. To the OP, I don't think I would get the irons fit just yet. Maybe get the...
I think either Jackson or Doc will get a technical before any player. I'm not sure which one, but it's just a gut feeling.
I'm a newly converted Redskins fan. I go to school in DC, and had to stop supporting the Bills for various reasons. Maybe I'm not a true fan, but I've liked and supported some of the players for a while.
I'm trying to get to a 7.5 from a 9.5. Do you think putting twice per week (one hour at a time), hitting a large bucket of balls (~80 balls), short game once per week (1-2 hours), and 2 rounds per week will get the job done? I know it's probably an impossible question to answer, but I'm looking for others' practice schedule and time allocation for some ideas. Any pointers from better golfers? Should I be practicing short game more? Etc? Any help appreciated.
Just played 9. I shot 41 (+6). Triple bogey on a hole really set me back.
Like zeg said, I carry my clubs because I can. Why would I pay for a service that I don't need? Plus, I really believe that I'm in good enough shape that it doesn't affect my score. I know when I ride, I score about 1 to 3 shots higher than when I walk. And when I use a cart, maybe it's my mental game, but I don't think I play as well.
I have the i10s, and this hasn't happened to me. However, I have seen it on an i5 (7 iron IIRC). I'd assume PING will cover all costs, but it's a real bummer losing your clubs for some time.
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