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Grips are important because it's the only place where your body actually touches the club. New grips that you like will certainly make a difference in your game. You won't have to grip the club as tightly, allowing a proper swing. On top of that, there is a mental aspect IMO that goes along with new grips. I recommend the grip that you find most comfortable. As for my favorites, it's Lamkin Crosslines on my irons, Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound on my wedges,...
I started doing it because we would have to play 3 or 4 holes on the range for our high school team. Now when I practice, I try to incorporate it because it forces you to play different shots to different targets. I practice before I do it just like you did.
I'm almost forced to play from the tips because of the group that I play with most often. I'm the worst (10 handicap) and shortest (250 off the tee average) of the group, so everyone is "qualified" to play the 7000 yard back tees. I don't notice any score change on my average and good days, but on my bad driving days, I'm in some trouble. It's tough hitting and holding long irons from the rough. But, the advantage of playing from the tips comes when you play from...
I know a kid who's a 1.x and couldn't make a lower level d1 school. I know a few kids who are sub-3 handicaps and played d3. So, I'd think to play on the team (not just intramural) you'd have to be at most a 5 to even play d3.
The more muscle that you have, the less flexible you are. Since the golf swing is about flexibility AND strength, you have to balance the two. I'll bet your wrist and slap shots are harder than stronger guys because of technique. Jamie Sadlowski's technique (and flexibility and massive lag) allows him to hit the fall really, really far. I don't think wedge player is or ever has said that strength trumps technique. I think he meant that strength plus technique is...
I'd guess they're selling fake equipment. Some prices of the prices (such as G10 hybrids for $110 and Vokeys for $100) aren't so outrageous. But Camerons for anything under $200 is a dead give-away. Come to think about it, I've never actually seen a new Scotty in a "real" store (Dicks, TGW, Golfsmith, or pro shops) for under $300.
I only needed gloves, so I got a pack of 3. That's the only golf-related item I needed.
Before making a decision, consider your game. Do you short side yourself somewhat regularly? If so, a 60* may be a good option to recover from those positions. It's certainly easier to recover from a short sided position with a 60* as compared with a 56*.
Absolutely great game! I was ranked 1st in my contest until the third shot...then I ended at 500 something place. So addicting!
I'm 19 years old. Golf, as I remember it in my lifetime so far, IS Tiger Woods. He brought golf to people who knew nothing about golf, people who didn't care about golf, people like my 80 year old grandmother. My grandmother watched golf only because of Tiger. There's no way he was bad for golf.
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