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I know I'm getting new wedges. I really like Vokeys, so I'll probably go with 54/11 and 58/8 or 58/12. I may order new TM Z TPs off ebay since it would be cheaper, but then i'd have to get the shaft extended. Plus, I like Vokeys better anyway. I've been thinking about getting a new 3 or 4 wood. I've been switching a 2h and a 3W back and forth this year, and both have their pros and cons. The 2h can hold a green easier and is better out of the rough and fairway. ...
Steel or graphite?
I was actually thinking $575 for the set. It sounds even better with the bag, too. The condition is a major factor though.
Fitting is always a good idea. It does cost money, but it is worth it. You may find that a regular will do the job better than a stiff. Plus, one company's stiff is another's regular. What are your reasons for wanting to switch in the first place? Ball flight? Distance? Etc?
My roommate got it twice! I think it would be funny to get it and get a bumper sticker that says "I survived Swine '09"...copyrighted by me.
I guess I'll try even harder not to lose a ball.
You should think about your swing when you're practicing, not when you're playing. It should be muscle memory when you're swinging. Think of other sports: you'd never think about keeping your elbow in when you're shooting a jumper in the game...you just do it.
I'm pretty sure KZG doesn't sell heads unless it's to one of their dealers. Those people usually just build it for you, so getting just a KZG head is usually tough. But, they're great products. I've used Snake Eyes wedges for the majority of this year and they're solid. It doesn't compare to a Vokey, but for the price, it is a good wedge. To the OP, sounds like a good idea. Snake Eyes is a good brand like I've said. Check out Maltby, too. They make good stuff, too.
I think Haney was definitely giving that advice to mid to high handicaps. Many tour pros move their heads including Tiger, so it's not always a bad thing.
Ryan Howard's slump in the post season? Like tearing up the first two series? He did do terribly in the WS, but not at all in the post season. Teixeira really didn't do anything spectacular in the WS (he did do well defensively). ARod didn't continue what he was doing in the beginning of the post season. Jeter did well, but not spectacular. And I'm not sure about Posada, but Matsui definitely deserved the MVP.Yanks won (as much I hate to say it). The main reason I...
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