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I remember reading Golf Magazine and Pelz said that downhillers break more than uphillers.
Get fitted is the only advice I can give. Generally, though, the heavier and stiffer the shaft, the straighter the ball goes...but get fitted.
Look 10 feet left of the cup and 10 feet right. Determine which side is higher and favor that side. That's the basics. Remember the ball will roll wherever rain would flow to. As you get better at putting, you'll get better at reading, too. When you miss left/right, is it a push, pull, etc.? Or are you aligned the wrong way? Or is it simply making mistakes while reading greens? It makes a big difference, and an answer to this would help us help you.
I don't think Pettitte is as good as Hamels. His ERA is ppretty high (over 4 in the past 4 years) in the regular season, and it's not that much lower for his post-season ERA. Plus, Pettitte has like a .270 BAA, while Hamels has only .245. Phils will hit Pettitte. They can hit lefties and Pettitte really isn't good enough to shut the Phils down. He may, but I don't think he'll get the W.
I don't think Hamels is that good. He's had one season with under 5 losses. That doesn't seem that great. He did very well in the playoffs last year, but I kinda think it was a mistake. Pedro pitched well (much better than I thought he was gonna). Burnett pitched great. That's why the Yanks won. Both teams have great offenses, but whichever pitches better will win the game...it's been the case so far.
Posada is not better than Ruiz thus far...he's just too old now. And Jeter does perform in the WS, but Rollins is much faster, much better defensively, and has more power. Jeter has a higher OBP and BA, and that's it. I thought CC pitched well. Not great, but good. And I think Pedro will get rocked tonight.
Well, here's the deal: too many threads on this forum say or imply that bad golfers cause slow play. And, I've had enough of it because it's simply not true. Slow golfers cause slow play. Complain to them instead of telling high handicaps to "NEVER play in front of me." P.S. - I forget whose quote I used, so sorry. It's not an attack at you, just a quote that stood out in my mind on the subject. My appologies.
I think that's what makes the game better: the fact that there aren't stopages to look back at plays and that what umpires call stays (for the most part). As for Phils-Yanks, ARod is much better than Feliz. Rollins is better than Jeter at both d ("past a diving Jeter!") and o. Phils have the clear advantage at 2nd and possibly first (if Howard continues what he's been doing). Ruiz is better than Posada, and I expect the Phils to run a lot on him...Yanks won't test...
Depending on how much you paid for them, it could be a really good deal. They're good clubs, but I don't think that they're "elite." Coming from a PING fan, I don't think PING wedges are in the same class as Vokeys or X-Forged. But, like I said, they're good clubs and if you got a good deal, it could be a great purchase.
Drink water obviously. I would spread it out overtime instead of drinking a bunch at one time. Beer will dehydrate you, so I'd stay away from that entirely. If you have waterproof shoes, change your socks between rounds. I walked 45 in one day and changing socks was the best thing I did. Dry socks help so much. If your shoes are not waterproof, then change shoes and socks between rounds. Stretch your lower back and legs between the rounds. Lactic acid may start...
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