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I never liked the idea of taking clubs out that actually have a use. The fact that you can't hit them means you either need to find a club you can hit or practice more with the club. There was a time when I couldn't hit a 5 iron. Then, two years ago, it became a "go to club" for me. However, I still couldn't hit a 4. This year a 4 became another go to club for me. It's all about practice. Plus, distance control is pretty tough when you're really far away is kind...
Yeah sure. Being good at golf doesn't mean you know what you're talking about; being bad at golf doesn't mean you don't know what you're talking about. I got a negative rep saying that I "spoke like a true 14" or something like that. Way to attack the person instead of the argument...and I see that all the time on here. "Oh, you're an xx handicap. What do you know?" Logical fallacy. Address the argument, not the handicaps. I think what he meant is that there are...
Red Sox and Yankees. USC and UCLA. Duke and UNC. Celtics and Lakers. Cowboys/Skins, Cowboys/49ers, and Bears/Packers. Federer and Nadal. Tiger and ?.
A couple questions: What's wrong with the MX-15s? Have you been fit for irons? What's your game like (working the ball, etc.)? It would be easier to help you if these questions were answered.
One of the best games this year.
The "No Trespassing" sign leads me to believe that she didn't belong there. As long as that's made clear, she's at fault. If you yelled "fore" you should be fine, too. Tell the guy to get a lawyer. The cost of that might not even make it worth it for him to sue.
The loft doesn't matter. You're not trying to fill a degree gap; you want to fill a distance gap. Try out a few of the lofts to determine which one fits your distance gap the best. It may be the 18* or it may be the 20* or even the 23*. You can't just go by lofts because too many things besides loft (shaft, COR, CoG, etc.) play into how far the ball will go.
I pretty much play other sports and chill with my friends when I'm not golfing. I played volleyball and basketball for my high school, and I've continued to play those. Over the summer, I played more volleyball than bball since I live near the beach. I'm also picking up football now that I'm in college. People will be having a catch or running some routes, and since I was a big man in bball, I know how to jump and catch a ball (can't catch low ones though). I guess I...
You're going to eventually have to use a driver, so practice with your driver and woods. To fully answer your question though, I think you need to play a round with your driver off the tee, then a round with your hybrid off the tee. Do this for a few rounds (or at least a few 9s) and see which scores are better. It makes sense that playing it safe would score better, but some players need to be aggressive to play their best. P.S. - Do you really hit 12/14 fairways...
Because, in theory, a 36 handicap should be the worst putters of all golfers. I think he was making the point that the OP is a better putter than an "average" 36. Good job to the OP on the putts. It's awesome when you drop those putts. I've had one 90 foot putt (two putted!), but they're hard to come by, so it's awesome that you made one. Like you said, if you improve your striking your scores will drop.
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