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Thanks for the specs WuTiger.  I've hit the project X shafts and didn't really care for them.  I think I will keep looking.  I'm in the midwest so golf season is a long time away. 
I'll have to look into those.  Ebay has some decent deals on shaft pulls.  The dynalites look brand new but like I said I don't think those are made anymore.  The models on ebay anyways.  True temper doesn't have them listed on their site. 
I've been searching for shafts on ebay, forgot to mention that
I just purchased a mint condition set of srixon I506 irons for a song.  Currently they have dynamic gold s300 shafts weighing in at 130g.  These shafts are a little heavy for me.  I feel like i really have to get after it to make them feel good.  In my old irons i was playing the fst 115s which I think is a really good shaft for a really good price.  Only problem is these srixons are .355 and not .370 like the fsts.  I am also on a budget so I was looking at getting shaft...
Thanks for the replies.  I will definitely check out those companies you mentioned.   
Hello, first post on the sandtrap.   I have recently taken an interest in learning how to build golf clubs.  I have been doing a lot of research online and have purchased a book on club making so I am becoming familiar with the procedures.  One area I have been reading into is what component heads to buy, specifically irons.  I have heard good things about diamond tour golf, but was wondering if anyone has had experience with monark golf components. Or is there...
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