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Self employed Courier delivering urgent freight around the state for Singapore Airforce and the mining industry, and anyone else who is willing to pay an exorbitant price for something delivered today, but wanted yesterday!  
I play at my local public course, mostly because it's close and cheap.I see many rude and ignorant (players?) who have no time to abide by even some basic etiquette. What annoys me most are people who drop a couple of balls on the green to practice after they have putted out, and i'm waiting for them to clear the green. Also people who hit up behind you while you wait for slower players up ahead, (and i have seen this on private courses as well). But that's all part of...
Hi everyone, i felt the need to join a golf forum to mix and chat with like-minded folk. I have played golf on and off for years, but now trying to improve my game. I live in Queensland Australia and have plenty of courses to choose from, my home course is Howeston just 5 mins up the road. Look forward to joining in on the forums. Euan..
New Posts  All Forums: