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Playing in my work league, I was playing a par 5 dog leg left. I tried to draw the ball around the corner to try and reach in 2...My tee shot went straight as an arrow, and ended up in the right rough with a big willow tree in my line of sight to the green. I could have chipped out from behind the tree and gotten on the green in 4, but I decided to try my luck with a very aggressive fade (borderline intentional slice) around the tree to leave a short chip to the green. I...
  Unless you are smashing the sweet spot into rocks, gouges and dings won't effect the playability of your irons.
If the advantage is as distinct as you imagine, I would think that way more players would have hopped on the opportunity.   And BTW, long putters are not being banned. The act of anchoring the putter to any part of the torso is banned.   I don't see the big problem with anchored putters, as I said earlier, if there was that big of a difference more guys would be doing it.
Dings and scratches should be worn proudly! My favourite club is my Taylormade Burner 2.0 gap wedge...has a nasty gouge in it from hitting a rock that was just under the grass surface. Still shoots like the day I got it.   I don't play well enough, nor often enough, to justify buying brand new expensive clubs anyways. I am playing a set of Hogan Edge irons right now that I picked up used. My next set of clubs will again be hand me downs from some rich feller who...
IMO, watching the pros play links golf really shows you the extreme level of talent these guys possess. Some of those bunker shots were just plain incredible, not to mention how many par saves after a wayward drive into the fescue! Scorecards just form a bell curve for that particular event. The leader board is packed, and there is some amazing golf being played. I love how difficult the course is to play!
Ok, I started the year off hitting balls nice and straight for the most part. Now, I find that I push the ball to the right on pretty much every shot with an iron or wedge. I say "pretty much" any time, because when I aim left to compensate, of course the ball flies dead straight to the left exactly where I was aiming. I don't feel like I am doing anything mechanically different, just looking for some tips to help me get back on the point of aim. Thanks in advance, and...
My league plays match play, so "gimmies" are handed out at the discretion of the opponent. I've conceded 4' puts to guys when I can 2 putt for the win anyways...but more often the putts I concede are inside 2'.
Sounds like you may have tweaked your MCL a bit. There is definitely something wrong with your swing if you are able to put that much lateral stress on your left knee. A more common knee injury is an ACL strain or meniscus tear from over torqueing on the left knee during contact and follow through.   If it is causing a limp, see your doctor and have it checked out.
I wouldn't call what I do a "3/4" swing. It's really just clubbing up, but not trying to kill the ball. Just a nice smooth full swing, and my accuracy has greatly improved. I lost 20 yards off my driver, but my FIR has gone way up.
I love the old links style courses!! I think its a great change from the standard driver/wedge, driver/hybrid (par 5), or just plain wedge on a par 3. You will never hear an announcer say "Oh, this one is headed left, but it should be OK". They will be saying "Oh dear, this one is headed into the fescue...good luck finding that one" or  "Looks like he has drilled it down the middle of the fairway, but it has landed in a 6ft deep fairway bunker". Awesome.
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