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Driver: 909d2 9.0 3-PW: 1998 Hogan Apex Blades 52.8: Adams Tom Watson 56.14: Spin Milled Vokey 58.10: Nike VR 60.8: Oil-Can Spin Milled Vokey
I've been hitting them all similarly and wondered if anyone had a preference or could give me advice on which set(s) to keep.
I've managed to acquire a few old sets of irons and before thinning out the herd, I figured I'd see what you guys thought. I've got a set of 1998 Hogan Apex blades, a set of Titleist 690.MBs, and Taylormade R7TPs. All are pristine. Any opinions?
That was a great answer. Thank you a ton! Two small buckets of balls later, my distance is back and my ball striking is as good as ever. I spent a whole season working on my right elbow a couple years ago and must have reverted to very old habits this year. Now I just have to work on the driver. I've never really been able to hit it. The last couple of years I've actually taken to closing the face a degree or two and strengthening my grip to guarantee the hook instead of...
I've been Playing Golf for 10 years.  Last year, I scored pretty inconsistently but still had a handicap of around 4.  I've consistently hit a lower draw for the last couple of years.  Living in Michigan, I take the several months off every winter.  I got my clubs out of storage as soon as the snow melted this year, and I have yet to break 85.  My ball flight has changed dramatically; I've been hitting a very high pull hook and a weak flare to the right with nothing in...
New Posts  All Forums: