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 Not true.
  "That's a common sense response." Let people through and you won't get hit into... I get it. No veiled threat there at all.  Honestly I don't care. It is never crowded at my course and I am never in such a hurry that I won't let somebody through. I just think that there is a sense that the faster player can never be wrong. Whatever. I am going to shut off notifications on this thread and you guys can go ahead and pretend whatever you want.
  Maybe you should go to the dictionary and look up the word "undercurrent."
 Originally Posted by Pretzel  Or you could have let them play through if the course was open ahead of you as well, avoiding any possible confrontation and resulting in a happy ending for all parties involved  From the first page. I am not going to keep searching for you for stuff you don't want to see. 
  Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut  You obviously had many chances to wave them through or else they wouldn't have hit into you out of frustration on the 18th hole.   Why not be pro-active to avoid the inevitable?  My 2 cents... Just sayin.  
 I don't doubt you for a minute, but there is an undercurrent of "he had it coming" on this thread is all I am saying and all the OP is saying. Personally, when I am walking alone and I hear a couple of carts doing the NASCAR thing coming up behind me, I let them play through, it only takes a couple of minutes and there is no way I am going to outrun a twosome riding, especially when each has their own cart, as happened a couple of weeks ago, one of them had his girlfriend...
 But but but everybody swears that couldn't possibly be what happened and nobody's evaluation of what "actually" happened in any way considers that they hit into him out of frustration or anger. Nope, that wouldn't happen. That would be wrong....  
A good walk spoiled.
  There we go.
Studies of Pace of Play For those of you interested in a deep dive. Just go to scholar.google.com and type in "golf pace of play" and there are a lot of studies. 
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