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 This has been killing me recently. I figure a club for the average I hit it, then make a relatively pure contact and bury the shot in the woods beyond the dogleg, and maybe you shouldn't have gone driver on that hole, or hit an iron shot behind the green because you overclubbed figuring on a somewhat duffed shot. Since my contact has been improving markedly, I have made the decision to pull a club based on hitting it well, instead of hitting it the average I usually hit...
Some of us aren't even "math challenged" and you might have to explain what "best median carry distance" means. ;) Average vs Median. That is a math question. "Best median" what does that even mean?
I play with people with phone apps and the yardage usually agrees very closely with my rangefinder. I usually compare them after grabbing my finder, shooting the distance, waiting for a minute for them to give me theirs and comparing. Accuracy is not the issue. It's futzing with the phone that's the issue. I played yesterday with 10 practice swing guy and phone app guy.  It took us four hours despite a wide open course and being only three people. We did lose a lot of...
Take'm many pelts, drank much firewater at trading post.
 Exactly. A digital paper screen like on the Kindle, that is designed to be readable on the beach without using too much power would be great. I can read my fishfinder in the direct sun, for example, but it is hooked up to a twelve volt automotive like power source  so power is not the problem. A golf app for the Kindle, that you don't have to keep turning on after the screen has been idle for a few seconds, and that you could read in full sunlight would be great. I think...
We do miss out on a lot of the golf experience here in Vermont. No crowds to speak of. No calling ahead for tee times. No waiting at backups from hole to hole. It sucks.
Whenever I have a vexing question, I always ask my old pen pal too.
 Maybe. But I have to admit I smiled as soon as I saw the avatar. 
Reminds me of the movie Arthur Newman  Part of the plot is that he fakes being a golf pro. I think if we had a thread for worst movie golf swings, Colin Firth would rank petty high... or low.
I saw at least on short putt kick right. It didn't show up in slow motion, which is what the announcers commented on in the replay, but a full speed replay, which I did several times on my DVR because I couldn't believe it, showed it clearly kicked right.   I like the Travelers much better visually too. Who wants to watch the Red Sox play on a desert? Not me.
New Posts  All Forums: