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Well, Morning Drive could use the competition. So here's hoping. 
Just tuned in to check it out. Low def infomercial for a product that will drop your handicap from the low 20s to 6  :^O. Where's my credit card? Just showed a guy with, a beer gut that would embarrass Family Guy, hit one 300 yards! OMG!
I heard that the halo around Pro V1s also protects against ebola.
West Palm Beach
I just had an unexpected surgery, a pacemaker implant, and no lifting or heavy exertion of my left arm for 90 days per the Dr, it is an unusual case as I have a highly unusual heart anatomy, and I can't risk pulling the lead before it sets properly.  If I was still spending winters in Vermont, this would not be an issue, but I, just this year, just this month, began spending winters in Florida.   I know I am not a true golfer from the other thread, but I was thinking I...
The range is five minutes away and five dollars for fifty balls. There are no courses nearby where you can get a tee  time at the drop of a hat. I will stop pounding 'em at the range when I can consistently drive without slicing and get a consistent solid impact with my irons. I guess when I can do those things, I will be a real golfer.   Also, I am not big on playing alone. I used to like it, but I don't anymore. Another reason I am not a real golfer.
OK, I admit I am not a real golfer.     In fact, I am pretty sure my Work/Golf balance thread inspired this one. Bucky said there that it was "fishy" that anybody would play less than 36 holes a week, bare minimum.   I have been to the range six times in the past week, played 18 holes last Sunday, and plan to play another 18 this Sunday, Saturday too, I am hoping, and if I could get anybody to ditch work with me, I would play more. But that makes me a golf layabout.
I have seen this and I think it qualifies. You are not a real golfer if you use a driver on a par three.
I am not saying I am a "true golfer" or anything, but quitting a round because of light rain? What is that about?
New Posts  All Forums: