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I have one of those Optishot things, and it is not perfect but it can tell swing speed and path and figures the ball spin from that, and if you use a foam ball, you can have a pretty good idea how you hit it. Since it does not follow the ball, it assumes the ball characteristics. It comes out uncannily close to my experience at the range, both in misses and when I hit it solidly, the distances match up with the signs at the range. My wife bought it for me, and I think it...
 The email link comment was funny enough, but the post got better.
 "Mike Eruzione!"
Tiger got me watching golf. I might have watched the Masters before him, but not a regular Sunday tournament finish.
I am not trying to start a political flame war, I like that Obama likes golf, even if I didn't vote for him. But a six hour round? Him and Jeter? I wonder if they cleared the course for the day for him?
I have played with two types of slow players. Complete hackers who take a lot of mulligans or won't take a mulligan when they should and players who just don't have any feeling at all that they could be moving along while having a conversation, or whatever. I played with a couple of younger guys like this and I was just astonished. I don't like to be rushed, but come on, it is a public course!   I know there is a guy here with the handle "no mulligans" but isn't it...
I am currently "hors de combat" due to a surgery, and have been using a putting mat for two months. I use it every day. I keep it in a room and every time I walk by, I putt a few.   At first I didn't notice any difference, then I seemed to get worse, well, I did get worse. Then I noticed that almost all of my misses were just about exactly two inches to the right. I added a little thing where I sort of raised my left shoulder a tiny bit at the end of the stroke, kind of...
Yeah, my home course is 5800 from the whites, and I like it. I have played 6400 and didn't enjoy that extra hit on the fairway every time. I am old enough that I don't feel like I have to hit with the young guys, and I just like the shorter course.  What I am saying is that there are plenty of shorter par 70s.  Like this one. where he can play golf.
Don't let them bully you off the big courses. 
If you can hit 150 yards straight, you can play.   If you are too slow, you wave the guys behind you through. My experience with really slow players are that they don't even think about little things to keep moving. If you are thinking about pace of play, you will likely not be slow.  There is a guy here who goes off every Friday afternoon at 5:00 sharp all summer.  He has a blue handicap flag on his cart and plays in a group of five. He loves golf and enjoys playing....
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