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I am not saying I am a "true golfer" or anything, but quitting a round because of light rain? What is that about?
  Ha ha ha! You know, I have more than a few times bogied  a hole because I was going for birdie instead of par.
How do so many of you find the time to golf so much? I am pretty jealous!
Since there is no governing body of the English language. "Golfing" is a word because any native speaker of English knows what it means when they hear it. You may decline to use it in order to project a certain image, but you can't make it "not a word."   /rant over.
One thing as a bad golfer I always did was write off lost balls quickly. As I have improved, finding them matters more to me because I still have a chance at a decent score for the hle even with one bad shot, but at the beginning, if it was in the woods, in the tall grass, in the weeds, whatever, it was hit a new ball and move on. I would tear my hair out playing with one guy who was determined always to leave the course with more balls than he came with, and would never...
The way I know I am getting better is that I am starting to hit the greens from far enough away to leave pitch marks to fix. Probably sounds stupid to you guys, but that and the fact that I can get through a round with a sleeve of balls, usually, instead of loading up my bag with cheapos by the dozen, are the noticeable things.  
As for  cost, remember that a new golfer has no idea where to outfit themselves cheaply, so it is off to Dick's for a $300 set of Top Flights before you can even start. If you are thinking of bringing somebody into golf, help them find cheap but decent clubs and to pick out a good used bag cheap too. I dislike the bag I got from Dick's more than the clubs.
""Bad golfers" that are keeping score are slow. No way around it no matter how hard they try. It's just simple math."   I am a bad golfer, but not a particularly slow golfer, but I did end up behind a twosome with money on the line, and the one, who was decent (at least he was playing golf) made the other, who was playing something that looked more like field hockey, hunt down and play every stroke.  He hooked one into the woods in front of us about fifty yards down the...
One of my favorite aspects of the game is the pressure of trying to make a putt. I can't imagine flushing that is going to improve the game, unless the greens are all going to be gigantic. Then why not play a par three and be done with it?  Maybe a par three with 15 inch cups might be fun to take the family.
As a relatively new golfer who suffers his share of blow up holes, I would say that maybe a Stableford type system where I ratchet down the point where I pick up. To me a double bogey is like a bogey, and I am still enjoying the hole at that point, but a triple or worse and the fun goes away.  But it comes back to the point that improvement is not going to show up if your improvement is reducing blow up holes. And sorry, I am not going to pick up solely to clear the hole...
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