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That is one of the funnier comments I have ever read.
Woah! That new version may have just cured me of missing Holly!
 Yeah, I looked at some more, and it depends on the picture.
 What you say is true. I have to hand it to those guys on Playing Lessons. I would have had to mainline saltpeter before doing a show with her where we made a friendly bet.
OK, Just checked Google. Sara Brown ranks as hot.
 Paige Mackenzie is sweet and likable, but she is no remote stopper.
"inner quiet" LOL   I was going to post the Lost in Translation scene, that course was so perfect.
Well, Morning Drive could use the competition. So here's hoping. 
Just tuned in to check it out. Low def infomercial for a product that will drop your handicap from the low 20s to 6  :^O. Where's my credit card? Just showed a guy with, a beer gut that would embarrass Family Guy, hit one 300 yards! OMG!
New Posts  All Forums: