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Gives a whole new meaning to "bikini wax."
Not available on Amazon? I just don't trust PayPal since a friend of mine had her checking account emptied by it.
OK, thank you, I am buying your book. Weather is getting colder, windier, and rainier anyway.
Thanks guys.
 Cool, an excuse to head into town tonight. I have been reading up on AimPoint, and I might do one next year in Montreal, which is the nearest course currently. But it couldn't hurt to get a better sense of the feel of slopes backed by data. And as for the string. I putt on a mat in my house and can be deadly from up to seven feet, which I figure should be good enough, so I am thinking that it could just be the disorientation of being on an unmarked green without the...
What day of the week is it? I find that when I start hitting a club well, I subconsciously get greedy for distance, then start hitting it badly again. I was hitting my three wood off the deck farther than my driver off the tee, which didn't worry me too much, because I figured I just needed to adjust the launch angle of my drives somehow, but then, insidiously, overswinging crept into the picture and now I might use my three wood for gardening, because I have so much...
I got one from a friend, who said he read it in Lefty's book, that if there is a ridge in the line, the putt will break another couple of inches.
Everything you think of after the top of your backswing to add yards will cost yards.
 I have also been lining up the line on the ball with the putt, and they roll pretty straight on the line, and I am pretty accurate on my putting mat from seven feet in. I just have no idea where to aim.
I have been trying to work it out myself, working on accuracy on a putting mat, and working on putting on a practice green near my house.   I have come up with a couple.   I always walk the putt down to the hole and do a half circle from the high side, trying to feel the slope with my feet. I figure out the "fall line" but I don't know how to figure it in.   I always crouch and look for any ridges etc behind the ball.   I try to keep my lower body still.   I try...
New Posts  All Forums: