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 The last hole was a par five, and I really smacked it too.  My buddy said not to risk it, but it felt like cheating. Of course I brought out the dreaded 3 wood on the next shot and wasted the best tee shot of the day, :·( why I can't reach for the four hybrid? Two putted for a seven, but had that same ball. 
Ha! Just finished 9 with a single ball!  Shot a 55, but hey, no penalties.
David in FL, what is your problem? Are you mad because you spend so much time playing golf that you win contests based on times played in a year, yet still suck when compared to a PGA pro?  It's nothing to be ashamed of, I am sure if you had all of their social advantages, you would be playing on the tour too, or at least Web.com, no, wait, I am sure you would be winning majors too.   It is just pretty obvious to me that if being short is a career limiting factor in...
  In my case, it might be taking up golf for the first time at the advanced age of pushing 60, but just think of what RM could have accomplished if he had only been taller!
I would feel terrible if my lack of height limited my ambitions in golf to winning the Open.
Well, I played nine last night and my recent success on the range disappeared until the 6th hole, when I dialed it way back. I kept pulling up on my swing, topping iron shots and slicing the woods. The last three holes my shots were all decent. I was drooling for those shots I hit at the range, and was trying too hard to impress my buddy with my new skills, I guess.  I finally did hit a couple straight, or at least with a manageable fade. We were playing best ball. Hardly...
There is always something new to learn. I was hitting my 60 sand wedge out in the yard and it flies about 30 yards, but as high as the tree tops. I thought that was how they were supposed to work  Oh well, still handy for getting up the occasional steep climb to the green.
I tried and tried to will myself to swing from inside out, with only modest success, whenever I really smacked one it was a towering banana slice, otherwise a "pronounced fade". Then I took a lesson and he told to take the club back like I was emptying a bucket of water. This sort of forces you to swing from inside out. Try it for just five balls. See what happens. If it works for you, then groove it in until anything else feels strange.   I had three tendencies, I...
Putting the balls in the hole would have been pretty funny. But probably talking to them might have been better.  My course has a few blind shots, and it is pretty hard to actually wait long enough for the fairway to clear when you can't see what is going on ahead and there are people behind you. Sometimes we send a scout.   I would have let them play through though. It is always an option.
  Wow, skipped the breaking 90 thread completely!
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