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 This. Me too. The later in the summer, the farther I hit it too. Probably from the muscle build up, IDK, but I am pretty sure with a non conforming driver, that I wouldn't be threatening most people here's game and I would get many more looks at par and even birdie. I am in Florida now, recovered from my surgery, and am going to play next week with my friend who is coming down for a week of golf, well visiting the range, my slice came back, and I was even considering a...
 That is a question that should be there. Other than that, I stand by the original ones.
I didn't mention "Ringing up sales at Dicks" as a put down for people aspiring to higher things, or even people who are happy to have a low pressure job that allows time for doing the important things. I didn't mean to insult anybody. The question is just in response to all of the "I wanna be a pro" threads. Who doesn't?   I once read a great book called "Trout Bum" about a guy who devoted his life to fly fishing. He tells a story about how somebody once asked him why he...
 You will get over that in no time! 
Playing with the best players on the planet, on the best courses, at the best times of year. Hawaii in the worst part of the winter, then follow the seasons from the south to the north. Mad money. Even Jason Dufner has a hot wife.  
I am thinking of making a thread: "How bitter are you that you are not a pro golfer?" But I guess I won't as it wouldn't be too well received, I am thinking.
 Ha. I went to the PGA event in Connecticut, The Travelers. and was watching the pros drive on the range, and seeing a ball disappear from sight that you are visually tracking was pretty cool, but depressing at the same time.
In my tiny town in Vermont, I can play alone on a Saturday afternoon in summer, not see more than a couple of people, maybe run into the pro giving a lesson on a hole. He always waves me through. I can take multiple tee shots on a par three, for example, experiment with different clubs. I would never do that if there was somebody on the hole behind me, BTW. My big worry is that the course won't be here the next year. The thing I don't like about playing alone is that it...
 I never said he should blow off college. I guess I just don't believe that every pro golfer is discovered before he gets to high school. Maybe the fact that I wasted my twenties and still managed to retire in my fifties has something to do with my take on this.
Imagine if a bunch of the sperm cells got together and convinced you, when you were one, that it was impossible to beat the 100s of millions to one odds, and so stop swimming?
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