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I think that you remember the parts of the game you thoroughly understand, I don't understand putting yet, so I can't remember my putts except the long ones that went in, mostly by chance. I remember the well struck iron shots because I love watching them, the bad ones that I hit right for reasons I don't understand as of yet, are just a blur. I think your clue is this sentence:   " When I get to a point where I am somewhat satisfied with my long game, I'll focus more on...
I personally hate it when somebody is looking in the woods for a ball, unless there is at least some visibility and the faintest hope that the ball will be found. However. I still help them, or at least poke around in the leaves with a club to pretend to help, until I suggest that maybe the ball isn't going to be found, and try to move play along. Even when playing ready golf, which is all I ever play, I would wait for him to come out of the woods.   As for his wife, be...
I just played a Disney course, Lake Buena Vista, a course which was way over my head. Lots of water, lots of sand, tight fairways, and lined with condos on both sides. I hit a roof with one of my patented towering banana slices. I was using a rented driver, I didn't think about the fact that I had my own driver adjusted for less loft and a draw bias, which pretty much, along with choking up, manages to keep the tee shot on the course with just a pronounced fade.   After...
I have noticed that choking down improves my accuracy noticeably and reliably.  Should I have have my driver shortened and re-weighted? It is an adjustable Titleist driver. Or should I leave well enough alone and just remember to choke down?
I just don't get gimmies. I payed good money to putt that ball.
 Thanks, the 913 has an adjustable weight system. So I guess I should leave that to a professional to do the fitting.
After reading this thread, I took my wife's driver, which is about an inch and a half or so shorter than mine, to the driving range and tried them side by side. It was no contest. Every ball I hit off of the shorter driver looked playable had it been a tee shot, with a fade, but not a slice. I did tend to hit them off the heel so they launched left and came back right, but this was fine too.   More than a third of the balls I hit off my own driver would have been out of...
BTW, if you find one of these ranges around Montreal, let me know!
Why would the USGA care about what you did on the driving range? As for on the course, legal or not, I wouldn't mind having a tiny RFID chip embedded in the ball that would help me find it quicker.  Talk about a pace of play improver! But I guess people would find their ball too fast and this would change the nature of T.R.O.G.
If nothing else, it is a good reminder to keep your driver face very clean, especially if you are struggling with a slice. I didn't say waxed, though, but after today's range session, I can't say I didn't consider it for a second. Then I figured it would just burn in bad habits I need to eradicate.
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