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My friend, who played the course with his wife, whom I referenced above, grumbled a little about the honest score that comes with caddies too. I am looking forward to it. I have been practicing my putting and short game and practicing keeping my drives straight.   Regarding tipping, I never tip a breakfast waitress less than 20% or a buck, whichever is more. For the reasons given in the clip from Reservoir Dogs.
I have noticed that when I give the ball a little pop just at impact with my wrists, the ball seems to go straighter toward where I want it to go and I have better distance control. Is this a bad habit that is going to keep me from getting better, or is this an OK way to putt?
Never saw that movie, now I am going to have to.
There are 70 members at this club. Another friend of mine and his wife played there, she hated it because she hated having her clubs pulled for her, all of the formality. I guess that makes me a little paranoid. I wouldn't play there until I got my slice under control. He invited me last year. The slice will probably come back.. Just kidding.. can't think like that. Anyway, if the course is anything like the clubhouse, it should be beautiful.
Yiipes! Sounds like I am going to end up tipping more than I spent on my Top Flight clubs at Dicks! Spreading fins like snowflakes. I know the caddie fee is $100 right there. I have been to this club before, but I didn't play golf then, it was just for parties my friend threw there or events. Maybe I can talk my wife into an upgrade... Hmmm....  Honestly, the money is not an issue. The ratty golf bag, on the other hand....
This place is apparently pretty snooty. You are required to have a caddie, the caddie has to pull your club.. etc. Is there anything I should know? I know that it is going to cost more than it is worth for the caddie, but aside from that?  
That was a pretty amazing display when Rory called the first shot and hit it. If you haven't seen it, you should. Puts those Big Break window breaking contests into perspective.  
Not my cup of tea, but if I can't hear it, I don't care. Same goes for cell phones.  It is another thing if there is a little line up at the tee box, but even in that case, I guess I wouldn't care. As long as I can get away from it after a short time. 
  I just had the most crappy, slicey, short-knock range session today in a long time. Except for the fact that I did hit a *few* straight, It was like back to square one. I didn't even stop to play the chip and putt on my way home from the range, much less play the regular course, I was so discouraged. I went back to this thread, and reviewed mvmac's video, went out to the yard and tried that drill, and bingo, realized that I had completely crept away in my swing from the...
 You are probably right, it probably is 100% mental. That being said, mental is a big part of putting. But I have a hard time believing that every ball responds exactly the same to an identical putting stroke. I guess I will drop both balls on concrete and see if they bounce exactly the same.  Also, I freely admit that I suck at golf. I have gotten my truly embarrassing shots, you know, fat mishits, pop flies off the tee, skulled wedges, down to around three per nine...
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