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You have been fired more than once from a decent paying job for a habit that you just can't quit.   I know two people who run sizable businesses who have had to let great golfers go. One right after they won the tournament preceding an industry convention "for the company."
 Easy, towering banana slice. That's why I take lessons and read as much as I can.
Easy. When you are on the range, define a target, and if you miss it, you have to contribute $1 to Hillary Clinton/Ted Cruz for president. Pick your demon. I remember reading about how some guy lost 50 lbs by giving his lawyer $500 dollars, and if he didn't weigh in at the right weight by a date certain, the money went to the Nazi Party.
How about we tear up the greens on some course and put in the kind of hay field they used to call a green back in the day?    If four pros want to get together and play an event like the old show, "The Skins Game" or something, it would be interesting, I guess, but this is how these guys make their living. What would be the point of making it a "tour event"? With FedEx points? Cards on the line? Nope no, no. 
Sorry, but golf is already over-exposed. The wrap-around season, FedEx cup events when the big names aren't even playing, etc, etc... Why ruin a great thing? Always the same reason, money. Augusta is like a rite of spring. Comes around the time of opening day of baseball season, it feels like the beginning of the golf season to me too, even though it no longer is. It is otherworldly on the TV, especially with the new TVs we have now. Though I would like to introduce one...
Both sports make for great movies. So there's that.     Caddie Shack vs Major League Bull Durham vs Tin Cup Pride of the Yankees vs Bobby Jones Stroke of Genius. The Natural vs The Legend of Bagger Vance.   Happy Gilmore vs.... 
My slice comes back at the worst times. Usually when playing a hole with some kind of forced carry to get me swinging extra hard and a row of houses with lots of glass to the right.   I guess naming it is the first step towards curing it.
 No argument here. They should have done it a long time ago.    Yeah, that will fly in California. ;)  I agree with you though that there are other kinds of grass which may not be as nice as what is currently used, like Bahia, but that is drought resistant.  Sure it doesn't look as nice, and after extended dry periods it gets a little sparse, but it would have to be better than artificial turf, and if you could water it some, it would hold up.  Of course without the...
"And yes, I know that means we'll pay more for food - and I think that's OK because that's the actual cost to produce the food.  We've been subsidizing the cost of food via cheap water for too long."   Sure, golf is more important than farming.... Now back on Planet Earth.
It looks right for me. I prefer to play about 5800 yards and drive it about 200 yards. Over 6300 yards and I am not having fun. I like to have the occasional look at a birdie, anyhow.
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