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hi i have a driver swing speed of 92 mph and i want a wedge shaft that has a low/mid flight with check and/or back spin.Which should i get dg spinners, dg, dg tour issue, or dg sl or please recommend any other ones thanks!!
Hi i am interested in getting the rescue 11 club and i was just wondering how the club performs and is the stock shaft a good shaft because i would like to get a low/mid flight with low spin and please tell me if i can adjust the loft and lie angle  thanks!!!    
Hi my driver SS is around 88-95 mph, i want a ball that has less spin on the driver for distance with good feel, and on my approach shots i would like a one bounce and stop ball with not too much run out when chipping.With putting i want like a soft feel on impact. Please help i would really appreciate it.Thanks!!
Hi i have a ping 9 degree driver and i am changing the shaft with a vs proto 65r im 6'2 should i shorten the shaft i like the length of i20 driver which has a difference of .5 in.Please help and tell me what are the benefits or disadvantages in shortening a shaft.Thanks, and also has anyone tried the Secret grip is it any good.Thanks again!!!
hi i have a ping g15 9 degree driver i am in hovering around the nv and vs proto regular flex which one should i get i want mid flight and should i get 65 or 70 gram shaft thanks.
hi i have a SS of about 93 mph and want a regular flex shaft and i am deciding between NV 85 r flex or nv 65 .350 tip and Serrano r-flex which one should i get i want something with low/mid launch and low spin. Please feel to give me names of shafts you suggest under 50 dollars thanks.
Hi i have a 9 degree ping g15 driver with a stiff stock shaft and my swing speed hovers around85-90 mph and i the ball has just been ballooning up the air. Please help should i change to a regular shaft or should i change the loft or what else should i do.Thanks!!
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