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 haha, naw its not even that. I've no problem with any of the membership. Everybody has their own opinions, I have mine.
 you'r not.  This is for purely personal reasons. I never asked but one person to critique, and that person did with some very useful advice. The reasons will become self evident (or not) very soon, I predict.  Take care Micah.,
I have requested the admin to remove all my postings from Member Swings.   Thank you to all who took the time to give me constructive commentary. At the same time, if any of my observations, suggestions, were beneficial in any way, I am glad to have been of assistance.
 Do you think 35 is old?  well, maybe on tour. I like Angel also, and agree he is a very "cool" guy who is quite comfortable in his own skin. I never met him, but the impression I get is he is in a number of ways not unlike myself.  I listen, I observe, I learn (sometimes),  but in the end It's all up to me.
 I don't know of any others that I may have alienated, saving the one. If any others were, they did not make it known to me, at least not directly. But Thank you anyway. I have never asked for any of their help and of the instructors/mods on this forum, only one ever commented on any of my swings and that was Mike M., and one early on from Mcevets (sp) who said at the time he was going to wait for a "real" video as the first was just camera familiarization.  I did get some...
What? I did answer your question. You asked "why" I slowed down, and I said that I did not think that I did, and I don't think I could anyway once down swing was started. As for the swing itself, I acknowledged myself that it was bad. There are other swings I have posted and all are a little different, each having its own problem I was working on at the time.  Unless there was another post, that was the only question I saw that required an answer.  I am pretty much aware...
I have read a lot about that being a good swing "trigger" and I think it may help, kind of gives you something to "swing at". Not unlike some who "pause" at the top. I think Ray Floyd does that a lot, if not he, then someone else of his era. Comes to a complete stop at the top, turns a little to the right, and then comes down into the slot perfectly.
BTDT....Don't know how long you've been practicing or what you are working on, but sometimes it helps just to back off completely for a week or so, don't even think about it and then approach it from the fundamentals one piece at a time.  Its like quitting smoking, Hell I used to tell people:  "Quitting smoking is easy, I've done it hundreds of times".   (actually that is true, but the last time about 40 years ago took).
short game. chip-pitch-flop/lob   Just for change of pace, and in only 1 take:   1. Chip shot hands forward, shaft lean, ball back in stance     Result: medium trajectory, some roll, felt like stinger 2. More of a pitch from center of stance, more body turn,   drop down into the slot (paint brush)    result: higher, soft landing, less roll 3. With lob wedge, open stance, club face wide open using the  bounce.    result, High trajectory, super soft landing, no roll. ...
This was addressed awhile back when someone brought up "The Secret". At the time, I experimented taping 3 nickels  and 1 penny taped to the end of a grip with electrical tape. This adds about 16 grams of weight. Of course with the Boccieri grip, the overall weight is also heavier.  I can not definitively say it made any difference other than mentally.  I did take advantage of the on-line coupon and had that grip placed on my driver at Golf Galaxy, and for whatever reason,...
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