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duffner shuda cashed the cheque and sent a letter back sayin thanks for the 750 and the game, heres a little cut of my winnings for helpin me warm up! or something to that effect and sent him a chek for like 5k or somethin lol.... that wuda been real classy, let the man pay his bet (man code) and send him somethin nice anyway   i wouldnt bet with this pro anymore i think this has soiled his rep a little like he was let off the hook - makes him look weak IMO
i like the watsons woods name that could stick among fans and thats all it takes for that to become its name! one of the more unique shots ive seen at the masters thats for...
ya but its in the friggin forest its a bit different and how doesnt it deserve one - 163 yards , 45 yard hook and it had to go high like who can do that when it means that much in a playoff lol - plaque for participating lol thats funny but seriously, could you make the shot? wasnt it one of the more memorable ones?? IMO i would have one there, its not like its in plain view anyway i just think itd be sweet to have one out in the forest like that....oh well who am i
They really should put a plaque in the forest for Bubba on the 10th at agusta for obvious reasons....have they done it already and i just dont know?? me and a friend were talking about it yesterday and just think there really should be one! It was truly a great shot
i hit my drive so far at speed of light that its now yesterday and i havent hit it yet....hard to record it when that shit happens
im going to get fitted for the i20 by ping - currently playing i15 with stock shaft   question   i have an 8 degree i15 with the stock shaft and i still hit it very high but quite well, i feel as tho im losing distance and roll tho especially in summer conditions - my question is if i toy with lower launching shafts with higher degree face angles, can i still get good results or will my ball launch super high still? i will obviously check at my fitting but id...
shud make a vid of him standing on that thing with his arms in those things hitting an impact bag with canes everywhere lol just a training aid whoring video - would be funny - with one of those medicus drivers too haha, wud be a gd commercial for overthinking your swing :)
bump??? just seen this thread how are we stacking up now in 2013?? im thinking of getting an i20 custom fitted of course, but what do we think is the longest driver now??
first eagle i hit and rolled a green on a par 4 from just shy of 150 lol that was a pretty sweet first one, and ill never forget it!! i remember sayin to buddy when it landed at the front and kicked left and forward 'thats f**king in!!' and sure enough it rolled to the flag and vanished haha it was a great feeling total luck but wat the hey it was a big 2 on a par 4!
i tee mine half the ball above the crown probably - i was having trouble hittin my driver until i decided i was buying taller tees so i could do this and i really am hitting much better (noticed it instantly) but i do launch the ball sooooo high (i play an 8 degree driver) like stupidly high - i will get fitted for a better shaft etc and see if i can get a more penetrating flight as i feel im being robbed of distance (i hit a drive 240 - 250 but it does not roll and it...
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