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Am I right in thinking it used to say lone players must make way to a match of any kind but was removed a few years ago?   Maybe some people still think that's the case
Is the problem the slow play due to skill level or the fact that they did not let you play through?
DNF   Walked off the course today after 8 holes   Could not hit a single shot with anything in my bag   I feel golf lessons have ruined any enjoyment I had in the game
I think the best course of action is to never laugh at anything, Ever   Better safe than sorry
 Who says that is happening? I assume he's asking advice before his own shot or after someone else has gone The time wasting is a different matter all together
 Everyone keeps bringing up either playing in Comps or playing for money, Both of which I agree with as there is something at stake The OP never mentioned either and eludes to the fact its a friendly game between work mates, That's why I don't see the big issue
 I agree 100% but reading the OP first post it would seem its just friends/work mates playing golf, if that is the case then is there really a issue with someone asking what club you have used or what club they would go with on a certain shot? The time wasting/shot shaving is another matter all together and would annoy anybody
  Why? Is his handicap effecting anybody else on the course? Does his handicap give him some sort of head start Myself and the two friends I play with are quite new to golf (18 months) and we ask advice from each other all through the round, What club to use, best place to aim  etc, Should we throw away our clubs and never play another round of golf? You are playing for fun, your not in a comp and no money is involved, Why the big issue, Like I said earlier, If there is a...
 Yer that makes sense I guess what I am saying is I have no idea how to figure mine out
Why not act like an adult and speak to the man   Explain were he is going wrong and ask him to refrain from doing it again, If he doesn't then insist that he finds other people to play golf with   I actually don't see the problem with the "Advice" thing, Unless you are playing for money
New Posts  All Forums: