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Unless you are playing in a comp the only person you are cheating is yourself   Whats the point in saying you have shot  80 when you know its more like a 98, Its something I have never understood   I play in a 4 ball every Sat/Sun and one of the players is always cheating, He seems to find every ball no matter how deep the rough (He carrys a ball in his pocket at all times), If he has had a bad hole lets say 10-11 strokes he asks myself and the other 2 our score...
I started playing golf seriously around Feb this year and was shooting 115 to 125 every week, I hacked around the course losing 10-12 balls a round   Had my first of 3 lessons around two months ago and am now getting into the 90s nearly every week, This weekend I shot a 89   Lessons have helped me a great deal in understanding what I am doing wrong, Without them I would have never known what to fix and how to fix it
98 today   Two holes destroyed my score, Got a 10 and a 9, One on the 1st and then on the 16th   Both times because I went into a bunker and hacked away 5-6 times until I got out 
Second hand Ping G10 4 wood   14 Taylormade Burner balls   Bionic golf club   Taylormade Burner iron head covers
I do not know what my handicap is because if I am honest I have no idea at all on how to work it out, I have looked on various sites and it baffles me so I have never bothered   Also I do not think I would be any lower than 36 max
Broke into the 80s today, Just    Shot an 89, Missed a couple of birdie putt's too   Happy as I have only been playing seriously for around 6 months
  Maybe we should all stay away from golf course's until we are under a 10 handicap, That way we will not get in the way of these PGA pro golfers out there
  Golf snob alert   Who are you to dictate when and how someone should play?   Honestly hate this sort of attitude towards people playing golf
104 today   Just awful at times   Feels like a massive step backwards   Out again tomorrow morning so hopefully make amends 
Graeme McDowell  -6 Rory McIlroy -6
New Posts  All Forums: