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I just got a new pair of Razr Black irons and I find that my shots which weren't perfectly straight but passable before, are now really moving left to right (I'm LH), starting well left and really coming back right. Any suggestions? Opinions? 
Thanks. That video was really useful. I really started noticing it once I got on the course. I ended buying a couple Callaway wedges for a decent price. They are both moderate or low in bounce which given your description and trying them out, fits my swing profile the best. 
Great. I will take a look. You really have to start getting into the more expensive wedges to get real choice in bounce at all lofts. 
So, ideally you would have a variety of lofts and bounces in your bag?
What exactly does wedge bounce mean? And, how important is it?
Got a great discount on a set of Callaway Razr Black clubes and would like to knew where to look for shafts and how I would know what to purchase for these clubs. They currently have the steel unifelx shaft in them. I wouldn't mind a True Temper Stiff of some kind. 
It tried out the Razr X NG today and really like the clubs. They didn't have a left pair of the X-Hot so I didn't get to try them out. What are some of the main differences between the clubs?
Sorry, I meant to say I tried a set of Cobra Amp irons and I saw the Amp Cell online. 
I tried a set of Cobra Amp Cell irons today and was looking around online and found that they also make an Amp Cell set of irons. Are the Cell irons just the newer version of the Amp irons? Are they relevantly similar? Thanks. 
Just started back into golf after 6-7 year break and I'm excited to join the community and share. Thanks.  -Andrew
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