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Depends on what you really want from your wedges. I carry four (46* PW, 52* GW, 56* SW and 60* LW). One of my regular playing partners carries only two wedges (45* PW and 55* SW). Most people I play with carry three wedges. The friend with only two wedges doesn't give up anything to the rest of us because he can extract anything he needs from those two clubs. He compensates for the lack of a GW by hitting lower punchier shots with his SW or choking down on his...
Not necessarily, but consistency is never a bad thing. I play RBZ irons 4-PW and then ATV wedges 52*, 56* and 60*. I liked the feel of the 60* ATV wedge better than the RBZ lob wedge, so I swapped out all the wedges so I have a similar feel across my wedge set.
TaylorMade RBZ 10.5º Driver, Graphite Shaft Regular TaylorMade RBZ 15º 3 Wood, Graphite Shaft Regular TaylorMade RBZ 19º 5 Wood, Graphite Shaft Regular TaylorMade RBZ 19º Rescue, Graphite Shaft Regular TaylorMade RBZ 4 Iron to PW, Steel Shaft Regular TaylorMade ATV 52º, 56º & 60º Wedges, Steel Shaft Stiff TaylorMade Ghost Spider Putter TaylorMade T3 Cart Bag   I take out one of the 5 Wood, Rescue or 60º wedge as needed.
I have an RBZ 45º PW as part of my iron set and I carry 52º, 56º and 60º ATV wedges. I use my 52º "gap" wedge more than my pitching wedge, so there's no chance I'd be taking it out of my bag. I love the 60º wedge too, but the 52º wedge is probably my favourite club.
I used to carry a 15* 3 Wood and 17* and 19* hybrids, but I've recently purchased the RBZ 3 Wood, 5 Wood and 19* hybrid. The 5 Wood is so much easier for me to hit than the 17* hybrid that I've gone back to the more conventional Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Wood combination.
I recently purchased the 52*, 56* and 60* ATV wedges and they are pretty much my favourite clubs ever. The 56* and 60* wedges are amazing out of the sand and around the green, while I've found the 52* wedge is also brilliant as a full swing club. Can't recommend them highly enough.
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