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Thanks for the tips, folks.  I'll be working on it.
 Thanks for the input.  I guess what I failed to convey in my post is that I am trying to swing more in to out, so I was using my hip and foot placement to attempt to get my path in the right direction.  I read the ball flight laws and I am definitely swing out to in on my "natural" swing - I have a textbook straight slice.  Ball goes straight for 150 yards and then makes a hard left turn for another 150. As far as the hitting the ground - you're spot on.  I am a picker...
So I've been working on the OTT part of my swing.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can get another updated video on here (busy with work and getting married in almost exactly 4 weeks).  One thing I have noticed is if I over correct I get a nasty hook (I know, most people say start hitting a hook and you know how to fix it then).  My problem is that if I try to back track and find a happy medium I'm still either nasty hook or nasty slice - there's no "happy" place I can...
Thanks for the replies.  I'm going to try to figure some things out this weekend when I get home off the road.
Lately I've been noticing that I hit the ball much better if I press my hands forward and then start my backswing keeping that angle, as opposed to creating that angle at the top of my backswing.  I'm doing this on my irons (5-9), but not woods or driver, and not wedges.  It's a much cleaner strike and I get the distance and accuracy I expect to achieve with the given club.  Anyone have any input on this?  Is it going to be something I will have problems with in the...
Bested myself today.  Not entirely sure where the shots were coming from.  Shot an 85 at Stumpy Lake GC in Chesapeake, VA.  I think it had to do with putting my driver up and hitting my 3W on all the tees.  Just haven't had confidence in that particular driver since I got it - will probably be the last used driver I ever get.  Golf Galaxy called and my new one is in so hopefully I'll be back to playing a driver soon.
Shot best 2 scores of my life. Played at Meadows Farms in Virginia. Shot a 41 on the Island Course and then shot a 41 on the Waterfall Course (both are 9 hole courses). Needless to say I was pretty dang happy.
A good course here is ~$45-50, although one does offer an after 4 deal of $20 play till dark during the summer.  Another course not quite that nice is $25 during the week and $30 on the weekends.  Farther south at the beach it's around $50-60 on the weekends, with some courses considerably higher approaching $80-100..
Thanks for the response.  I was afraid of the OTT swing.  I had been thinking I was just leaving the clubhead open at impact (okay kind of hoping that since it would be an easier fix).  The weight transfer part of it I have been working on recently, but it's hard as heck for me since I'm a prior baseball player where I always swung off the rear foot.  Once again, thanks for the insight.
Thanks for the responses.  I didn't know about the smash factor and numbers and all that - good to know.
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