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Been doing some great work with Stephan from Evolvr.   We're working on trying to reduce the rate of closure and extension in my downswing and follow through as I tend to flip the club over too quickly casuing all manner of horrors.   This is my latest video, it's a drill I've been working on to slow down the 'roc' and increase my extension after impact.        Really getting the hang of the drill just need to put it into practice with my full swing now. I have...
A few pictures can tell a thousand words. In fact a few thousand, almost enough to fill a few books in fact             From left to right,   Brendan Steele, T9th Driving Distance 2014 Carl Pettersson , 7th Driving Distance 2014 Lucas Glover, 11th Driving Distance 2014 Scott Piercy, 3rd Driving Distance 2014
At my old course we had a winter mat that aimed about 50 yards out of bounds. Now that definitely screwed with your head. I think this is where visualisation becomes very important
Thanks the compliments, I think lol.My hands are a sore point (literally) at the moment. I've been suffering from 'trigger finger' tendonitis in both of them. I'm supposed to rest them but sod that wen there is golf to play
Been ages since I last posted but I've been busy working on my impact position.   I took someones advice on here (I think it was JetFan, (thanks JetFan)) and looked up Evolvr. With the help from Stephan at Evolvr we have been trying to get my hands further foward at impact and consequently a flatter left wrist.   I have to say this has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to work on in my swing. I think it's been 3 months of work now but I am really starting...
Thanks JetFan I will take a look.
Yeah cheers spyder. I just read this could be a cause. It's funny because I've been trying out standing further away to give myself more room. Golf is always a game of opposites lol
Hi guys just wanted to post an update.   I've been working on getting my hands more forward at impact with very little success unfortunately. But today I may have figured out why. It appears that I am thrusting my right hip at the ball which is causing me to not have enough room to bring my arms through. I've got a few pictures of my swing compared to Hunter Mahan's and I've noticed just how much closer my right hip gets to the ball.       In the...
  Cheers mvmac, hadn't noticed my grip slip. It's something that tends to happen so I have to keep my eye on it.
What shot/miss is it you are struggling with? I notice you put shank/slice above your video. Generally these two shots are mutually exclusive, a slice is normally a result of an out to in path and a shank the opposite. You maybe hitting a push slice.
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