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I have been playing golf with the same group of guys for a long time now and a 2nd ball off the first tee has always been an option if needed. It's usually for a duffed shot, a shank, or a ball that goes out of bounds. We are out there to have fun and it sure makes a difference to be laying good off the 1st tee. With that being said, if a player hits the ball solid and is in a fairway bunker, deep rough, or in some other sort of lousy lie than the 2nd ball is not allowed.
When I play and there isn't any money on the line I am pretty generous to offer the gimme to my buddies. If I have a solid round going and have the potential to shoot a low score I like to putt everything out. That way the score is legit. If I'm having a hack-fest and have a 3 footer for double bogey then I will usually call it good. Sometimes you have to do yourself a favor for a moral boost.
Lee Westwood   -3   Phil Mickelson   -3
I look at it this way; It's the back nine on a Sunday afternoon with the tournament on the line. Bubba is a competitor, and competitors are passionate, intense, and emotionally invested in the competition. Bubba hit a bad shot and he showed his emotion of frustration. Just like any sport when the game is on the line the stakes are higher. If his caddie convinced him to hit a club that turned out to be wrong than the caddie absolutely needs to take some blame, which he...
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