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When I bought the Stage 2, I also hit a Callaway, a Nike VR-S and a TaylorMade SuperFast 2.0. The Stage 2 was the one I hit the best. Maybe I'll just take it to the range tomorrow and try to work some kinks out before dropping money on a new shaft or a new driver.
Who knows, I might even end up trading the thing in for a different club. I was thinking of taking a stiff-shafted driver off of the pre-owned rack and seeing what it felt like compared to the regular shaft as well. Is having stiff irons and a regular driver that big of a deal? Or is it just in my head?
I'll have to call and see if Golf Galaxy will roll the cost of the fitting and installation into the purchase price of the shaft. Thanks.
I have a TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 driver with a regular-flex shaft and after changing my irons to a stiff shaft due to my swing speed, the driver is now too "whippy" and I'm beating the ball into the ground. I went to Golf Galaxy today (GG and Dick's are my only options) and looked at their stiff, low kick-point driver shafts since I want to get more loft and spin on my drives. The rep said that they would have to schedule me for a driver fitting ($29.99) and find the shaft...
What exactly do you "despise" about TaylorMade?
Bought a pair of adidas Tech Response from Golf Galaxy for $59.99. Best golf shoes I've ever bought. Really light, breathable and the spikes dig in.
Lame jokes aside, I just hope that this lets Tiger, Sergio and the rest of the golf world move on. Golf "feuds" are pretty dumb anyways, especially when one is the #1 golfer in the world and the other is a headcase in pink pants.
Maybe if he wins The Open Championship, Her Majesty will see fit to knight him.
Just OBed himself out of contention?
Poor Phil. Golf Channel is just replaying all his "bridesmaid" moments at the National Championship.
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