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Last year I played Mid South and the National the end of February and both were recently punched.  Late February - Early March seems to be a popular time to aerify in the area but they would be nicely healed by Masters weekend.  All of April is a great time to be in Pinehurst, I'll be teeing it up at Pine Needles on April 6th.  Lots of great courses there which aren't affiliated with the resort.
I put drinks on their account.
Any single digit capper hits some darn good shots throughout a round. If a pro and I are 150 yards away and in the fairway his good shot wont be much better than mine, but his bad shots aren't nearly as bad as my bad shots. I might be OB and he is still on the green or has an easy bunker shot.
Not sure there is an answer, but i'd rather have a straight mis-hit than catch all of it and hook or slice the ball.
I think playable drives is a better stat than FIR. My index is currently 7.9 and i'm only hitting 38% of the fairways but 85% of my drives are playable. I guess you can interpret playable to be about anything that you can hit but i consider it a drive that is not OB, in the hazard, sand or trees and has a clean path to the green or landing area on Par 5's. I hit my drives about 280 so hitting 50-60% of fairways is a challenge. Last 20 scores Fairways 38% GIR is...
 The caddy race is good, clean fun. Who cares if someone gets hurt, it isn't mandatory. People get hurt playing sports all the time but it doesn't mean they are inherently dangerous.
 And that's why I don't want Tiger to get to 19. I don't want it to be undebatable who the greatest golfer of all time is.
Players are just longer now than 13 years ago, but courses have stayed the same, some slightly longer. Personally I like the extra penal rough. If they want to hit a wedge into a green they better be confident with the driver. They can't just hit driver to within 150 and know they'll be fine if theyfind the rough.
I'm in the same boat as the OP. This is the first year I have really began working on my game and have never had a lesson. I started the year around a 12 hdcp and am now a 8.6. I figured I will get a lesson when I stop improving. My last 7 of 9 scores have counted, so I know i'm getting better. I would suggest getting a lesson when you think you've hit a wall.
Tiger Woods -6 Matt Kuchar -5
New Posts  All Forums: