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It's "usually" not there? OP, I almost always take a pretty good divot with my irons because I have a somewhat step swing. If you're getting a massive divot then you're probably coming in way too steep. Try practicing at the range by swinging your club more like a baseball bat for a few swings then step up to the ball and swing (you may want to line up with the ball closer to the toe of the club as well). This should cause you to be more flat and have an inside-out...
I know ignorance is not an excuse, but I really didn't know that lynching had a racial meaning until all of this. I always associated the term with Lynch Mobs going after criminals and stringing them up (and my guess is most of the bad guys were white). If Faldo used the phrase, "gang up on him" couldn't that also be racist - clearly he was only talking about black gangs, not hispanic, italian, chinese, russian, etc. Personally, I think it's ashame that some people look...
My first thought was that he wants to be able to skip the Pro Am so he can be with his family. Phil's pretty strong-willed and I wouldn't be surprised if he does skip this weeks event. It's not like he needs the $$$.
Madriver, that was a brilliant reply...no wait....it was really lame!
I'm 5'10" and use a 33" putter. Something just felt right when I tried it against 34-35" putters of the same type. Chris
That's why I never add up my score until I'm done. I usually have a pretty good idea when I'm scoring well but it's easier to play one-shot-at-a-time when I don't add the pressure of trying to keep a good score going. Of course my buddies up north knew this and always added up the scores and made sure to tell me at the turn Chris
It'll be fun to see how he plays the next couple of events. It seems he kicks it up a notch following a poor (relatively) showing at a major. I do think that once the new-ness of having a baby around wears off a little he'll be more focused. He usually spends a couples weeks across the pond to prepare, and relax, before the Open but he didn't do that this year so he could stay at home. I think most players still fear him somewhat...remember, his bad years would be...
Unless you're left handed a stiffer shaft will likely make you go even more right. And to the OP, welcome to golf! Chris
Not yet, but our lawyers learn quickly and I'm sure they'll follow the UK's lead. I've played a few courses that have signs posted that you are responsible for damage your ball causes to homes on the course, but I'm not sure how that would hold up. They claim your personal homeowners insurance would cover you if you damage someones home. I've never heard of someone paying though as most assume that if you buy a home on a course you do so understanding that golfers...
Surprising how some of the big players (not just your picks) are doing. Of course we all know things can change in a hurry and the cream usually rises to the top come Sunday. Chris
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