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You might save on a starter set since the bag and all clubs will be included. But quality will not hold off for extended play.
Go witha reputable brand that is preowned. Make sureit is a forgiving game improvement set. Also, go to a golf storr and grt a quick and free wristt to floor meadurement and aaskhow much they think you should extend a standard set. Old but good drivers can be found iin used golf stores for cheap, like $40. Good iron sets can range from $100 to$200. Wedges and putters can be found for cheap too.
I wore out my strata set in 7 weeks. Cheap quality.
I did this with basketball too in college. Used a huge basketball on a regular hoop. No room for error. 9nce you go to a regular ball everything seems to go in course in golf, just like in basketball, most of the practice would be with what you use at gametime.
Interesting thread. Was wondering the same. If I practiced with blades, would my ball striking improve even though I am only a beginner? Of course I would play with GI irons. The blades would only be a training tool.
Glad you took the initiative to improve your health. Not enough people do that, no matyer how surprisingly easy it can be.
The stratas didnt last 7 weeks for me. Although I did use them 3 or 4 times a week hitting hundreds of balls eacj day. Im also pretty strong with a fast swing speed. THey are probably as good as any set for yhe price. Like some9ne told me, you get what you pay for. Adams seems like a much better set. Even better would be building a set, but you may have to buy used for some of yhe clubs.
I picked up a titleist 983k. Its heavy and awesome. Best part is that it was $45. Keeping the superfast too. Really liking the old 983k though.
Good idea. If I can find a used one for 50, great. if not, will use the one I have. Thanks
ITs stiff, so should be the right flex.
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