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thank you shorty for your massively impressive contribution to this thread.  
just searching through the inter web for no real reason and stumbled across the website neoplanet.co.uk and to my amazement there are new taylormade SLDR for £150 and some other really good deals. just curious has anyone ever used this website. Just seems a bit to good to be true. 
The issue is that for such an expensive putter I would expect it to be more durable. I had a odyssey for a lot longer and it was still far less scratched than the scotty.
I have just ordered one of the rags youve mentioned. Cheers for the response.
I bought myself a scotty cameron newport 2.0 about 10 months ago and I'm getting lots of little scratches on the sole of the putter. I use a clean towel every week so am unsure as to why its looking so bad. I'm just curious whether anyone else has had this problem. I treat it very well and make sure never to putt it on sand, mud etc in case of damage. i can only assume the paint is a bit thin. i don't guess there is anywhere i can get it re painted or would going back to...
Hello as this is my first post. Just bought myself a new scotty cameron Newport 2 and now I've got it home and looked at it There a little scratches on it. Is this normal as I would have thought for the money the black paint/covering would be more hard wearing. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Or should I take it back to where I bought it?
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