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Is it a bad idea to have different wood brands on my bag?
This is kinda random too but I have an rbz stage 2 17 degree 3 wood. I can't see to hit it at all. Mostly I hit it fat or thin
Yeah but would you have different brand hybrids?
I have a taylormade 2011 rescue club 3 hybrid and I'm looking to get another hybrid. My question is is it ok to buy a hybrid that is a different brand?
I have a driver, 3 and 4 wood, 3-PW, lob wedge, and a putter. What club do I need to complete my set
Ok here's my weird problem. I'm a noobie at golf and I have 3-pw irons, 3 and 4 wood and driver. I can do a full swing with my irons really well but I'm having trouble hitting my woods and driver. What kind of hybrid would help me?
I'm a right handed golfer but the hand I need a glove for is my right hand not my left like everyone else. Is this a problem or is it normal?
New Posts  All Forums: