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Any one tried this gadget, or anything like it? Does it work?
Has anyone tried this?  No, I have no connection to this company.  I was just curious.http://www.docsgolftips.com/IST-300_pic.html
New PB.  79 at Indian Valley in Burlington, NC.  12 bogeys, but a tap in birdie and an eagle from 155 helped a lot.  best score since my return to golf after 12 years off......
Thanks for all the input.
Exactly!!!  Who cares what it says on the sole??
Didn't mean to kick over an anthill.  Yes, I did, infact, want opinions on whether the new tech may help me in some areas, and what recs, if any, you all had.  I like my Berthas.  But an extra 5 to 10 yards per club wouldn't hurt my feelings, either.  And i am aware of juiced lofts, with lower cg's.  i really don't care, though, if my new tech 7  iron has the shaft length and loft as my old 6 iron, as long as the trajectory and ball flight are similar to that of my 7...
Choke down just to fill the so called gaps, is all.  And I have been looking at the 800's on e bay.  But I will need to be more consistent striking the ball before i go to something like a 64.
Alas, those those may not be in my budget.  And my sticks don't have to be brand new.  The x hots are sweet, though.  Hoping to hit the 825's soon, and look for a deal.....
I have swung the x hot and Burner 2.0.  I did notice a distance increase, (simulator) but attributed it to the lofts.  Thing is, though, if i hit a "new' 6 iron (with similar length/loft  as my old 5 iron), and get the same distance as my 5, but with a higher ball flight, is that a bad thing? I have read that the 'new' irons also  create gaps in my bag.  Not overly concerned, as choking down will handle most of that problem (I think), but I have read others have serious...
I play 2004 Berthas, and have been pretty satisfied with them.  BUT....  I am wondering if I am missing out on the new tech, particularly in terms of distance.  I am wondering if I can make an improvement, with out busting my wallet.  Game improvement irons will still be in my bag for the forseeable future.  Any thoughts?
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