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Them's fightin' words sir....
People who can't drive a stick shift. They really grind my gears, so I have them pull over and I start driving.
I wish you the best of luck, I'm hoping to get there maybe by the end of next year or the year after. I'm shooting for a bit slower pace so that I don't get discouraged like I have in the past.
I'm not sure the G25 is really "older", it's visually very similar to G30. Just turbulators and a bit of weight placement difference mostly.   I didn't have a problem getting it up in the air, but like I said, we'll see how it pans out on the course. I'm not sold on it until I see some "real world" results with it.
Lol, I'm not asking for miracles, but the range session showed that the G25 was a good combination of length + forgiveness. Basically it was a combination of the 2 drivers I have now. Of course, that may not translate to the course, but thankfully I'm going to be able to take it out on the course to see if it translates to on course results too. I'll probably pick it up after work Wednesday and play a full 18 with it and then use it Thursday at league so I can get a decent...
I don't necessarily have trouble knowing when I mis-hit the ball with a more forgiving driver, like @Mr. Desmond said, I can tell by the flight as well as the way it feels on the strike. I'd just like to not lose so many yards when I don't strike it pure.
Go Blue team... That's a bit hard to say as a Bucks fan.   Hope it's ok that I'm more than a little jealous of those who made/make the team and disappointed in myself for not even being close to having the handicap to be considered. 
So, the range session was pretty interesting. I didn't get a chance to get on the flightscope but I did try out a g25. I saw the same issues with the BC+, I had some awesome drives, some hooks and a few heely fades. Nike showed same tendencies as on the course also with no really big misses but overall shorter distances hit. When I explained what I'd been seeing the guy thought I may need to try a stiffer shaft in my driver so when he gave me the G25 he put the tour x...
You know, for all the waiting you are doing to hear directly from Erik about this, you could have already read what he has to say about it in the other thread that was linked. Just saying.
I was thinking about trying to book time on the flightscope after work to see what the numbers show. The next time I go out and play, assuming the course is open enough, I'll hit a tee shot with each driver on every hole to see what comes of that. Either way, just going by the drives since 7/1 it shows accuracy and average shot lengths are almost exactly the same, but excluding the worst shots shows that the BC+ averages 15-20 yards further on good strikes. What I can see...
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