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I must be looking at a score from something else. Shows Tiger at -8?
After discussing it with my supervisor, I was given permission to leave 1/2 day on Friday so I will be able to get there by right around 2 pm.
I would not be able to get there for the noon-5pm stuff, there's no way I can leave work that early as my back up is already scheduled to be out of the office for a work related conference. If I'm lucky with traffic and push it on speed I could probably make it there right about 5:30 for the one club 9 hole scramble thing. If I'm not lucky it would be closer to 5:45. That said, I may still see if I can swing getting out a little early so I can make sure to get there before...
I agree, it would have been nice to see at least a few more comparisons.
2 here also, just recently. Driver and 5w.
He did, at around the 6 minute mark in his review he compares the club head speed and face angles. The swing speed was off 1.4 mph and the face angle was off 0.9*. 
A camera can give you a decent approximation of club face angle at impact and swing speed? Not saying it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but it does have some usefulness.
I watched a review of this on youtube and it was compared to GC2 with HMT for accuracy, the numbers were pretty close for the most part. It may not give you precise measurements but it'll give you some idea of what you are doing which is better than guessing or going by feel.
I think that's the thought process that will actually be what wins the internal debate I'm having. Though it's definitely not going to be anytime soon.
Since I've filled every spot in my bag with a custom fit club outside of my wedges *I pseudo count my 5w because even though it was used and cheap I tried multiple other clubs using flightscope before choosing it* my next purchase will either be wedges or a putter. Just the extreme price of both of those make it hard for me to pull the trigger. The only high dollar purchase I've made has been my irons, everything else has been 200 or less. I know that what you get for the...
New Posts  All Forums: