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I haven't played in about that long either.
 This wasn't some off the wall ambush from what I understand. Phil was asked a question and he answered it. You'd rather he wasn't honest in his answer and just lied to sound like everyone one else? That's not to say that everyone should agree with what he said or how he felt, but he had the right to say what he said when he said it and how he said it. Nothing wrong with how it was done.
I'm confused on something, isn't it BETTER that Phil said it in front of Watson? People keep making the comment that saying it while Watson was right there makes it worse? It's like those of you saying this are insinuating that it's better to talk behind someone's back. Phil was upfront and honest. He made the comment in front of Watson because that's the more respectful thing to do than wait until he isn't around to do so.
Wait, what? Can't blame the captain for a loss? I guess you can't credit him for a win either by that logic.
The Mandala flange thickens as it gets deeper.  This moves the center of gravity back, increasing forgiveness and encouraging acceleration through the putting stroke.      Um.... if it's going to encourage a bad habit AND cost a lot I think I'll have to pass.
Ah, so, I'm not the only one that feels that they've reached that point.
All the sudden? This has happened many times throughout my 35 year lifetime. Jeeze, don't you remember the phrase "going postal"?  Disgruntled employees who return to their job, or ex-job, to wreak havoc is definitely nothing new.
I would but he says "with all due respect" therefore I can't. It's in the Geneva convention you know!
I'd probably punch them in the face if I'm going to be completely honest.
I wish that were my mindset.... Plus I was by myself, not a whole lot of company to enjoy hah
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