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I could use one on each side of my head and one on my left hip.... way too much movement in my swing.
The thing is, when you golf with the people I have for as long as I have, any putt that ends up near the hole and any shot that gets in the air and goes reasonably straight/on target is "good". I'm still trying to adjust my standards of "good" to who I'm currently on the course with though. 
I don't think this guy realizes the cost that restitution is going to be for tearing up that course.
Getting fragile there man
If my friend ever sent me 50 pictures of their vacation I'd tell them where they can put those pictures after I print them out on extra heavy stock paper. I don't know anyone that sends that many pictures to others.
ROFL.... If I had to go back to dial-up I'd just pay the extra for tethering on my cell phone.
Did you just say 2 mb/s up is slow and will take awhile to upload photos???Also, "reasonable for internet use?" I think you have a very skewed idea of what is necessary for standard internet use.... a 15 mbs / 1.5 mbs connection is pretty much more than adequate for most home users.   You don't know from slow unless you were around during dial up days hah
Except not to ground your club in a hazard   Great to see you on the forum man, took you long enough!
I'm just focusing on what I've been told at this point. I don't feel like my swing is getting better right now either, more like I'm backsliding. That's why I'm just going to go back and focus on the last 3 lessons until next year.
Hmm... did you have that little tag at the end when I posted? But yeah, if it's like that picture where they are filled pretty well there's very little difference.
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