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Nice, always good to see someone actually win something.
What? I've never seen that happen, EVER! 
To quote South Park: There are no stupid questions, just stupid people. Though people don't find that particularly funny when you say that to them 
Most common question I got was "do you have an interview?" Was fun to mess with my boss, after playing into it a bit acting like I had "an important meeting after work" I told her I was just kidding. She said, "I was going to go out and flatten all 4 of your tires!" I guess she doesn't want me going anywhere.
I thought this was already posted before.
Isn't #4 jut a still frame from one of EJ's swing thread videos? In all fairness #21 is me a more times than I like to admit.
I don't know what you do in your job that requires jumping around like a ninja, but it sounds much more exciting than mine.
My job doesn't require a suit by any means. I didn't wear the jacket but the pants and vest with a tie together made for a pretty nice look. As an IT guy I was way overdressed. That said, most of the time my job doesn't require any physical work so I can get away with dressing like this. Otherwise I wear a polo or dress shirt and dress pants. I don't know, maybe the pocket watch was a bit too much, but hey, it was a gift from the kids for father's day.
Ok, enough about Christmas. Yes I'm a grinchy type guy.   I bought my first fitted suit recently. Have to say, it certainly picks up my self confidence to be dressed so nicely. I've been kicking around the idea of picking up more. Anyone else have jobs that they can/do wear suits fairly often?
It's only been a recent development that Cincinnati has had consecutive winning records. The last few years have seen a steady increase in wins over losses. I'm hoping, mostly in vain I'm sure, that this will continue. In reality I expect them to slip back again. Typically they'll lose their good players and have to rebuild. This tends to throw them back to the losing seasons.
New Posts  All Forums: