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^^ Played with Mc at KHawk Eagle. My score wasn't any better really, carding a 103, however I wasn't upset with my overall play. I had 3 pretty bad holes and some trouble putting, 3 putting both par 3's after hitting the green in regulation. I couldn't make a good shot out of the sand once and chubbed several chips from the rough which seemed "stickier" than I am used to. I easily threw away 16 strokes 5 of them on one hole. I do feel like I played much better than my...
Well, played Kittyhawk Eagle yesterday... The over all score wasn't too great, but I was still happy about the round in general. I had a lot of really good shots. I dropped a lot of shots with misread putts, couldn't get out of the sand traps well, and the rough was much more "grabby" than I was used too and cause some chips to come up way short. One super blow up hole on the back, par 5 tee shot just didn't fit my eye well and the whole hole went down the drain from...
Woo, kittyhawk eagle AT 11:45 am.. I'm not sure what if anything you would need to do to get on that same tee time, I would try to call and add yourself if possible. Just in case they are trying to fill out a 4 person group. There was 2 spots available at that time/price for me. 
There is some sort of tournament going on here or something it shows no tee times available at the courses up here. I'll look for somewhere between there and here.
I don't have the money in the bank to book it is the problem :-P
Meh, if I can't find a way to get it at a discounted price I won't be able to go either rofl.... Is there a different course you'd want to play or are you wanting to play KH Mc?
Hmm... Have to book 2 or 4 and it charges me ahead of time. Not the way the courses work up here.
That's all fine with me. Both days up here look like rain too. 30% tomorrow 60% Sunday. If Saturday looks safer maybe we should look at that.   I did see a 12:37 for $17 tomorrow
This thing looks so similar to my Nike driver that it's unsettling... I'm sure there are improvements and such but I could probably paint mine in the same scheme and people wouldn't even notice it wasn't a Titleist haha
I'd have to say, if you were able to get him to work with you and got him playing decent again that would probably be the single biggest advertisement ever. Talk about getting a flood of new students, you'd never be able to keep up.... On second thought, don't work with him! We'd never hear from you again because you'd be so busy haha!
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