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Until the back 9 right? Haha. You must have found the wheels that fell off my game.
I always take ESC instead of par+handicap.... Seems I've been doing it wrong by being overly penal.. 
sounds good
Isn't it high chance of rain all weekend? When I was looking it was like 60% Saturday and Sunday.
  I'm no snob about club manufacturers, I've tried clubs from just about every one of them. I had a Nike driver that I liked well enough and I almost bought a Nike covert 4 wood at one point. I care less about reviews and marketing than I do about performance of a club in my hands. The issue is, Nike still isn't typically thought of as a "golf company" and that's why they are generally skipped over by most people who are buying clubs.
I've been using my 50* wedge when I'm just off the green for a lot of shots. However if I'm on the fringe and semi close to the hole I'll putt it. If I'm on the fringe but more than 25' from the hole I'll chip/bump and run with the 50* wedge. Since I started doing this over the last few rounds it's worked much better for me. I don't practice it, I just do it.
Funny enough, I actually played a course today with 7 minute tee times. Even with it being busy I still got 18 done in 3 1/3 hours. I think it was because it was middle of the week at 10 am and everyone on the course were regulars so they moved along quite well. All but 2 that I saw were seniors, getting it done at a brisk pace, I was impressed.
Off topic, BUT Neither of those cases actually fit into the shooting someone who was compliant scenario.
GAME GOLF - Jeremie Boop - Round   Started off pretty bad, had a few hiccups throughout. Haven't played this course in a long time and wasn't sure where the trouble was so that bit me in the butt a few times. Overall, still improving.
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