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I got turned off of golf simulators a long time ago, but with the advances in technology it would probably be a lot better now. It was just so inaccurate when I tried it out back then I was annoyed and felt it wasn't worth the money spent.
It is not discriminating the woman for being pregnant. She's unable to keep up her part of what is required by the scholarship, which is to play the sport she was awarded the scholarship for. Anyone who has lost the ability to play the sport they go the scholarship for has given the University the right to withdraw said scholarship. Nobody is saying they have to do so, but that they should be able to do so. If they allow students to retain their scholarship after a career...
So if anything offends enough people, or at least people who have the ability to make it known they are offended we should automatically do what they say? Also, I've heard people say "don't be offended but I think you should pick up *subject* for Dummies books before. So obviously some people are offended.
Actually, I'm surprised those book titles haven't caused a ruckus. Though it would surprise me if they did in the future. I'm not saying what should or shouldn't offend people, I'm saying that if they can't agree that it's offensive how can we?
It's not "silly" to say that geek could be offensive. Though, granted, my use of "smart people" wasn't a great example. However, those called "geek" or "nerd" are typically those who achieve very high marks in school, which would be considered "smart people". The funny thing is, these aren't normally the people you find working for Geek Squad, as we are able to get better jobs because of our intelligence and education.
The more we change things to suit the few the more dangerous the precedent we set is. This is why I think that in order for something to be changed there needs to be consensus among those that it is supposed to offend. That's why I said if there was a way of showing that most or at the very least a large number of Native Americans are offended by the team name that it should be changed, but also that any team with the same name should also be forced to change their...
No, but they may ban sitting that way if someone is physically unable to do it, haha. Just being facetious there but you see what I'm saying. I also know it's not ok to refer to a meeting as a "pow wow" because it offended someone. Some things make sense to change or remove and others don't. I think the main point I have against forcing the Redskins to change their name is what I already stated. If it's not acceptable then they should also change the name of any Native...
I was going to say something but l4redo81 basically said what I thought anyway.
I can link stories to support my side as well:http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/indians-redskins-slur-20505945 I'm neither oblivious nor stupid as you seem to try indicate. If the Native American people came together on this and a majority agreed that they were offended or wanted the name changed then I would be for it being changed. But as it is now there is no decisive indication that's the case. Really? Do you see ANY black only schools that use any racial slurs or...
If it is and always was a racial slur then why are there native american schools, on reservations, that utilize that mascot/name?
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