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It's a toss up between 2 shots I had tonight. The I'm leaning towards the first one because it counted, the second was a provisional shot that I ended up not needing to use.   **included my foot for scale size 10 1/2   1. Sand wedge from just over 100 yards out. Made the bird.   2. 9 iron from just over 150 in the rough.
I shot a 91 on a par 72  70.2/121 course. Totally a tale of two swings. First 5 holes I didn't realize I was letting my right arm get separated from my body too much and was 11 over, from the 6th hole on I was 8 over. Went from 50 on the first 9 to a 41 on the second.
Tale of two swings tonight... Played almost an entire 9 holes before I realized I was not keeping my right arm tucked close to my body. As soon as I fixed that it was like night and day. I played the course back 9 then front 9 to avoid leagues. I had a 50 on the back with multiple lost balls and a 41 on the front with no lost balls and 2 3 putts. After the first 5 holes I was already 11. I played the other 13 holes in 8 over.... I really wish I had noticed that swing flaw...
I tried this drill before my round tonight. It was not bad, but I still prefer the one where you hold the alignment stick or insert it into the end of a club.
Actually the 5w I picked up is doing a pretty good job of hitting the distance I was looking for. At around 250 off the tee and 230ish off the ground and I have had better luck with it than I did with the 3 woods I was trying out. 
For my ex, even the mention of golf was too much... Even to this day if I mention not being able to golf for some reason or that I got rained on she says "good".... 
Up to 18.2 from 17.6 after some swing work. Typically what happens when I make swing changes. Hopefully the changes with pay off with a trend back down.
So, I decided the only way to get myself back to a workable swing is to play more. The round tonight was actually much much better than the score shows, at least in my eyes. I had some bad shots that really screwed the pooch on some holes but on the other holes I play really well. The only thing that annoyed me is that I missed probably 3 bird putts and a couple par putts by inches because the greens were so slow. They got progressively slower as I played because as it got...
GG  gives you a "typical" yardage which I would guess is similar or close to the median. My average including all outiers is 263, but my "typical" is 279 according to game golf. It's a bit off because the typical includes the long drive outliers but eliminates the most severe of the short drives.
Nope, when I swing I "feel" like I'm not flipping, but we all know feel isn't real. I have worked on the flat left wrist drills but for some reason those drills never translated to full swing improvements. I have to admit that it could be that I haven't really done them for long for them to work. Using the alignment stick in the end of one of my old clubs which gives instant feedback is helping a lot though. I feel like if I can use this aid until I can make the partial...
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