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Well the course was nice but the greens were so torn up it was unfortunate. I played like crap but had fun anyway. I think @mcanadiens hit 13 fairways. It was impressive.
I haven't read all of LSW yet, and I suppose unless you have conflicting advice then there's no need to say anything. I was going with the closer is always better principle but I guess I was a bit off. But the book does say that a 3w is important.
Did you see or did they say what the dress code is?
No, you aren't understanding. Accidentally misplacing the ball = to mistake on taxes, intentionally misplacing ball = intentional tax fraud not murder. Really though, I don't really care to have this discussion any longer. I just didn't think the original analogy was fitting to what happened because it wasn't two instances of the same action one intentional and one accidental, also because the intentional action was so much more severe that it really didn't belong. All of...
It is pretty important. There's a mistake or an intentional act. You can't compare the severity of a mistake on taxes to murder and say it's the same as a mistake in a rule break and intentionally cheating. Your analogy would be like her accidentally placing her ball in the wrong spot compared to her knocking another persons putt away when its about to go in severity wise. I do agree that there's a difference between getting called on a ball moving seen basically only by...
I'd say a mistake on the tax return to murdering someone is not quite accurate. More likely a mistake on the tax return compared to purposefully committing tax fraud.
If only I had gotten some sweet clubs for free I'd have some extra cash.... Yeah, the only reason I see it as a problem is because I run into it every week. There's always one or 2 holes where if I hit the driver it's going to be too long and the 2h is going to be a bit short. I guess another option would be to learn a partial or easy swing with my driver to hit that distance but I don't really like that idea.
This has been no help at all!!!!    Just kidding, I'm just going to deal with the gap for now and revisit when I have the funds for a properly fitted option. League is nearly over anyway.
That still leaves the 50+ yard gap to deal with. If I start hitting my 2h 280-290 that would be crazy.
That makes no sense Shane, if I gain yards with my driver the gap gets bigger.... The driver goes too far as it is, unless you are saying just hit the 2h further rofl.
New Posts  All Forums: