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Problem is, his putting usually isn't too bad. Now his chip/pitch shots can be a possible sore spot sometimes haha!Also, 14ledo82, I don't really drool over his drives. I'm pretty sure I'm going to at least get close to him with a couple more changes to my swing. And maybe a driver upgrade.
Yes, it sometimes takes a bit to realize that there is no "quick fix" to the golf swing and originally I thought there was. Once you understand it's a process it's easy to accept that you aren't going to get better overnight. I still struggle with having bad streaks but I can see the improvement in my swing so I know better scores will come. Thanks for stopping by and looking through my thread!
Ummm yeah, coming from someone who is not used to being out driven it can really get in your head.
Thanks Brian. Just like you said it isn't seeming too difficult to implement. I've found that if I focus on my left knee bending straight forward over my toes it keeps me centered. I'll keep focusing on the drill and hopefully have an updated video posted next week. *edit as a side note, I've noticed a distinct increase in the amount of times I've found ball cover shavings in the grooves of my shorter irons which seems to indicate more of a downward strike on the ball?*
BUT, it's not as powerful so less like to hurt someone.
I voted no. A start for me, good or bad, is little indication of how the overall round will go.
If I remember the story right he had a pretty good swing and handicap until he hit someone with a ball at a pro-am or something? That would make sense if it caused the mental issue. I could be wrong though. 
I don't know, there's an awful lot of playable areas in that oval....
It doesn't take a genius to understand there are more living things *humans and animals* producing carbon dioxide and methane alone without adding in the industrial gases being produced. That in combination with the deforestation of a lot of the forests has caused a climate shift for sure. Even if we were living as clean as possible we'd be impacting the environment with the shear number of us there are.
Yeah, use the "ground forces"!
New Posts  All Forums: