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My thought on this is, if you aren't going to defend your country then you will probably end up having to defend your family. Now, this is in direct relation to the situation of your country being under attack. However, I can see and understand the thought process of staying at home for the purpose of defending you family, but at that point you are not being pacifistic or a CO.
I find it interesting, in this time when people are calling for famous people not to get special treatment, that some people think he should be exempt. I side with those saying that he should serve like every other person is required to. 
I think mostly because he was saying the thread should be closed and gave the reasons he thought so. While I agree somewhat with you, and almost made a post about it, his post was more "productive" because it wasn't only an attack on anti-drug people. I don't think either of your posts was necessary personally though.
HEY! There was a bowling alley! Ada was just as bad as Columbus Grove, where I grew up. Except we didn't even have a bowling alley and we were closer to a McDonalds by a few minutes. Drinking was huge in all of Putnam County, several bars served underage people without a thought. I got stupid, black out drunk exactly one time growing up. That was more than enough to show me exactly how stupid it is to do. It sucks to have to hear people tell you all the dumb stuff you did...
Question is, if using marijuana can cause all those possible consequences if caught, why do it?
That is horrible, but I have to tell you there are not always clues. Nobody knew my uncle was depressed, let alone suicidal until his son found him. It is indeed, very sad to lose someone so young.
Interesting. I agree we don't know everything there is to know here, but a kid saying it with the corroboration of an adult is enough to warrant it in my eyes. 
If not for the bad attitude Cops will sometimes be more lenient, confiscate the illegal substance and let the offender go. If the offender is belligerent the Cops are less inclined to do so. I didn't think that necessitated explanation.  I think most officers would check into such a thing if it happened, family or not. I don't exactly like your "if they don't say anything nothing happens" line. That's a very dangerous way of thinking, in my opinion. Who knows how much they...
I didn't think the attitude they had on the course was the cause, I thought it was due to attitude they gave the Cops in the parking lot. I don't find it "tacky" that they confronted the guys. If smoking/possessing marijuana is illegal in the state this occurred in, then they were well within their right/duty to question the smokers based on the kid's comment.
I believe the time in lock up was more because of their attitude than the weed if I understood it correctly.
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