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Let them have an event there, to heck with the members having to give up access to their exclusive course for another tournament. I mean, who cares about their paying members right? Not to mention the excess wear and tear of having all the gallery/media there.. It's all about what they "should do" for the LPGA?
Depends. If I'm using it as a scorecard and for gps, then it's in my pocket silent. If I'm not it's in the cart on silent. I have to have my phone with me and on at all times because I'm the only IT person where I work so I'm on call 24/7 365.
I'm fine with them asking, there's no harm in that. However, if this becomes a "movement" to try and force it to happen it would probably bother me a bit. I don't necessarily think that it will go that route, because I'm sure the LPGA knows that would hurt their reputation more than help it, but when you get "no" for an answer and you keep pushing for it.... I don't know, it just reminds me of how a petulant child won't accept being told "no". 
I'm sort of torn about this, I agree that chimps are very intelligent, but granting them "personhood" is a rather interesting step. Maybe a bit extreme.
I don't know, I have zero interest in women's golf. People who have no interest in women's golf most likely won't have any interest even if they were able to play August for a Women's Masters. In order for women's golf to grow it needs to make it's own stamp on the game, copying what the men's game does won't likely help.
That's right, not sure why I was thinking neutral. Thanks for the correction.
Pretty standard answer you'll get is to go try out the clubs you are interested in. The best investments I ever made was the time to get fitted for my hybrid and driver. If you can find a place that will allow you to get the gapping between you clubs it will be the best way to figure out which of those options or unknown option is best. I will say, don't lock yourself into one manufacturer. I went into my driver fitting focused on getting the ping g30 and finding out that...
Depends on where I'm playing and how much time I have. I prefer to warm up, but it's not always feasible.
Went out to golf today, rained on me the whole time so I quit after the first 9. Was about as bad as I expected however my miss was pretty consistent. I am happy that the first time out wasn't nearly as horrible as it was last year though, so for that I'm grateful. I'll probably hit the range a few times before league this week to try and straighten myself out a little. I'm not entirely sure if it was a setup issue that had me addressing the ball with an open face or if I...
I'm hoping that I can maintain my interest in golf after I plateau. My history with anything I've done is that once I stop improving I lose interest and move on to something else. This happened with playing pool and bowling, I was super into it for years until I no longer got better. As the realization sank in that I was at the peak of my ability I quit the activity in pretty short order. Even so far this year, with the nice weather I haven't even bothered to get my clubs...
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