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That still doesn't explain how his sexual addiction makes him a fraud. I've never cared to know any public figure's private life, all I care about is how the perform their job. I guess this is why I don't understand the extreme adoration or dislike/hatred of famous person.
Wait, he had sex with lots of women. That makes him a fraud? Wow, what an interesting definition of fraud.
@phan52 What, other than Tiger's infidelity to his wife, do you have to claim that Tiger is a fraud? 
Earlier this year my car was parked outside the office and the tire blew out.... After being parked for a few hours the tire just blew out where the tread and the sidewall meet. Apparently it was from hitting a pothole sometime which weakened it. I've heard of a tire blowing out when you hit a pot hole but never days later while parked. It was on the far side of the building so I didn't hear it but it scared the crap out of everyone on that side. $300+ later the tire was...
From the sounds you were describing I picture a bolt or something stuck in your tire. I've had that before, except it didn't come out I could just hear it and feel it as I drove. No idea where a 1/2 inch bolt would have come from to find it's way into my tire but there it was.... No fixing a hole that large in a tire.
 I would actually counter that as, other than maybe athleticism, you'd see a pretty eclectic mix in both sub groups. He's not being argumentative, imo, he's just pointing out the falsities in your post.
p2p is "point to point" but that doesn't matter because what you have is a wired internet connection into a wireless router. While I'm not a huge fan of DSL it's far superior to the two other things I mentioned. I've been away from cable/satellite programming for several years and don't miss it. If anything I wait one day to watch new episodes I like via streaming options.
Your internet is satellite or just a wireless p2p? I'm not sure I'd ever be able to go with either option due to the limited bandwidth and restrictions on usage I've read for every company I've seen that offers it. The local company here that does wireless internet has a maximum bandwidth of around 2.5 mbs... I will admit my area isn't exactly the highest of tech when it comes to internet technologies, we don't even have fiber to home service yet.
No no, you don't understand. EVERYONE has to drop 3 strokes because of the book. I don't understand why, but I guess that's the only way the book could possibly have something of use to him. I am not sure why there is such a misunderstanding here. Distance doesn't mean "how far you hit the driver" it's how far you can hit every club. The lower the club you have in your hands for any particular shot the more accurate you are likely to be. Thus, distance will improve your...
I think the idea that giving up distance for accuracy makes people think they'll always hit their target, or very close to it. That's not really true. Would I give up 15-20 yards if I were sure that I'd hit my target every time? Sure, but that's no guarantee. The question/reasoning I use is, am I more accurate the closer I am? The answer to that question is invariably "Yes". 
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