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This stuff is all off topic, but I did start it by saying the sport would be better without the Browns.
My dad has a saying, the sun shines on a dog's ass some days. ;-) It's all good, Bengals haven't been much to yell about in so long I'm just happy they are worth a damn again. Either way, as long as the Steelers lose to either of them I'm a happy camper.
Without the Browns it would be a better sport! 
Yup, like I said, there's something wrong with a person who goes through all that trouble.
Interesting, I rarely see this happen. I hardly ever shut down any computer I have. There are times when a restart is required, but it's not very often and is typically only required after an update or install is done. If you are seeing this issue I would say you may want to run a malware and/or virus scan. Check the task manager, look for something that is using significant amounts of resources like memory or cpu. I would also say look at network usage for processes also.
I'm thankful for the first job I've ever loved. I'm also thankful for all my family, but especially to have 2 of my grandparents still around for another year even though my grandfather has terminal cancer. I'm thankful to have found a great forum with people I enjoy interacting with after more years than I care to admit to being on the internet.   That doesn't sound like a lot, but it's everything to me.
Admittedly, I should have phrased it better. But I still don't necessarily think it would make someone suddenly like the sport, though it could very well spark their interest in the sport which could lead to liking it. This is dependent on whether they were initially interested of course, if they were already interested then it definitely could make them suddenly like it.Even being a golf fan, it still boils down to a dorky looking guy trying to hit a ball in the hole ....
I know this wasn't directed to me, but it seems like a general statement that anyone who doesn't/won't like it is only because of that. Simply put, it's not true. Seeing something "played at the highest level" won't make you suddenly like it. But that shouldn't/doesn't reflect negatively on the sport in general. Not everyone is going to like everything. I don't like soccer, just have no interest in it and watching it played by the best won't change that.
Really, you want to call out bowling as not a sport. Interesting.
 Ambient sounds from nature can not be controlled. Sounds from a crowd can be. There are other sports which have required spectators to be silent, one is bowling. People have been pointed out and/or asked to leave bowling tournaments for making noises/moving/taking pictures during a bowler's approach/release. I bowled and was able to ignore a majority of outside noises and distractions. However, I was not bowling for any major stakes or under real pressure. I would like to...
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