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Thanks guys. Yea I don't know what I'm going to do if I don't take part in this thread. I might just hang out a bit if you don't mind. I guess I need to start keeping a handicap.
8 fairways, 6 greens, 32 putts. 38 on the front. 39 on the back. 77, Its hard to sit still.
Played with out my driver but I had a blow up hole +4. kinda screwed up the hole deal. Omitting that hole I was 3 over through 9. #16, I hate it, its not a difficult hole but its in my head. Might be the same issue with my driver. Who knows. #16 366 par 4, should be an easy one, but its got my number.
Same here. 95 and 88 were my last two rounds. The tee box is killing me and just about everything is spotty at best it seems with the exception of my iron play. Due to the fact that I'm starting most holes behind the 8 ball. I've lost a lot of confidence since my 83. Mainly due to my driving once again going into the gutter. It seems like I get one good round a year out of my driver and it tends to be the lowest of my season. As soon as I can I'm going to my pro to see...
Awesome man!
Has anyone here ever killed anyone?
96 today, the tee box was killing me. My chipping practice paid off and save me twice. But besides one really good putt on the first hole I really felt like I took a huge step back. I have to get my driver figured out other wise I think I am going to be stuck in the 90's. Bad thing is that if I am having so much trouble with the big stick, my whole swing is suspect.
I started to sniff the elusive draw on the range yesterday. I think Im going to reread hogans book this weekend. Everyone have a safe and happy fourth. cheers
Went out and played the other day. I didn't score as low as the other day but I was hitting the ball pretty well. I got to play with a friend that I don't get to hang out with a very much so it was more screwing around than anything. I had a really good time. But my left knee is killing me. I know I was having a problem getting my weight forward but if this is the result of amending that swing fault I don't know how much longer I will be playing golf. The Idea of tearing...
New Posts  All Forums: