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zach johnson -7 webb simpson -7 harris english -7
Everything is back on track. As back on track as I can get it. They only thing is i have a massive gap between my 5i and my 4hyb. I don't have exact number to tell you guys but I'm guessing about 20 to 25 yards. Any thoughts? Worry, don't, how you would deal with it.
um no, and I suck.
what was the difference between the 108 and the 126?
I'm in the same boat. Its a physical thing. I started running again. I also did a little lifting. Sore arms, plus sore legs, equal horrible swing.
O man, it wall went sideways at the range last night. The worst range session in years. I couldn't get anything going.
This, do this!
@Lihu all I want to know is. 1. Cant you build me a robot. 2. How much will it cost?
About two years. I played a season before but I didn't keep score or a handicap. Once I started keeping score and not giving myself mullis I would shoot 100, 101, 100, 104, 100 and on and on. Then I shot an 89. Just like that. Two years till I broke 90 again. Welcome to golf.
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