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Wasn't he just saying that because the dude's last name was Wood? That's how I interpreted it but everyone else I've talked to think they were mocking him for being worse than Tiger. Either way, not funny and pissed me off while watching. That couldn't have felt good to be that golfer.
Wow, at first I thought they were just replaying ken dukes pitch, but it was just him hitting it in the same spot over and over again. I feel so bad for him.
Jordan Spieth -7 Tiger Woods -8
This is what bothers me about the competitive amateur golfing scene. In high school and college baseball we play against teams all the time that we know have no shot at beating us because they just aren't as good at us. They can end up scoring a couple runs and playing a good game for them, but in the end whoever scores the most runs wins the competition. Just because they play better than they normally do doesn't give them a right to say they won.   I like handicapping...
Mine's not correct and official but I keep track in a spreadsheet and calculate it using a handicap calculator I found online using the course rating and slope.     I'm not correct and official because I don't know how to get it setup at the club I play at and I'm only living here temporarily so I'm not sure if it transfers.
Played 36 holes Saturday.  Shot 44,38, 82 on the first 18 which I played by myself because I got a half day off work.  First 9 holes I just couldn't get my tee shots to go where I wanted them to go.  Two or three times they ended up right behind trees which I'm stupid enough to try to just draw around which never works out the way I expect it to. I also hit the green on the two par threes and three butted BOTH of them. Nothing makes me angrier in golf than three putting...
I used a box set for a couple months and it was great because I didn't have to worry about shopping around for specific clubs that I needed, I could just go out and play.  Once you start to be able to hit the ball consistently you're going to want to upgrade clubs as you go.  I started out buying new irons, then a putter, than wedges and finally a driver. It's easy to justify the cost if you are only buying one or two parts every once in awhile.   There's nothing...
Yeah I was going to just PM you how far I can drive but I decided to make a thread for that purpose.  I'm going to play tonight I'll just PM you my stats for the round and all drive distances. Swell. And your user name is shorty. 
Ok so it's more of just a difference between the drivers themselves.  Thanks for actually answering the question.
The ball doesn't roll at all.  It just stops where it hits.
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