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I've thrown a club once or twice in my life. Sometimes I will just let the club drop to the ground after  a bad shot as if to ask the heavens why I just did what I did. If I get angry it is only right after the shot and I don't let it stay with me. Because I know I have a chance to make a nice shot on the next one. 
With The Open going on right now I'm hoping for a couple big names up top for Sunday, with Tiger being in the last group and playing well. That way I can get out and play a round and hopefully the course will be fairly uninhabited with everyone watching Golf instead of playing. Am I alone in this or anyone else have a similar idea?
Wow, Some awesome advice here guys. Thank You.   Some of the things I already do such as FIR, GIR, and Putts. My Chipping and putting are probably my strong suit, my issues start to come at 110 yards and further. Accuracy with my Driver and all my irons is off a bit. I think if I could be more accurate 150 yards and in with getting on the green I would see much better scores. It would also help if I was more consistent with my Driver. I used to have a fade usually...
My game right now sits around 20. For me while there are some physical faults in my game I know my biggest issue is making mental mistakes. Now my question is this.    With such a high handicap should I be striving to score lower or try to aim for my handicap of around bogey golf. I've tried playing with both mindsets and I've noticed that when I play with trying to get a low score and I don't some disappointment sets in. When I play for Bogey and I score better then...
My Drives are so big that I have to tell everyone within 30 yards of me to stand directly behind me otherwise the Sonic Boom that comes off my ball as it prepares to make escape velocity would disintegrate anyone standing off to the sides. My ball has to orbit the Earth a couple times before it comes back down on the fairway 5 feet in front of me and rolls the rest of the way to the green. Its a pretty tricky shot but I've got it down to were I can hole out 50% of the...
You have a problem with that statement?
Some tough love on this forum.   I think you are doing pretty well for only being 13. 18 handicap is better than the majority of other golfers. I think for your age and how long and how much you play that is quite good. I wouldn't expect you to be any better, and am a bit jealous that you are that good at 13.   There are going to be a lot of people who tell you can't do it and you should give up. Those people are cowards themselves and you should never listen to...
I almost always try to put those or take a nice easy putt style stroke with a longer iron. 
I think it is all mental with me. When it is above me I think the ball is way too close. When it is below me I just think, well I better stay down. 
Side hill lies where the ball is above me. I can never seem to hit these well. Other way around, no problem. 
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