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Not sure the order, but...   NY Giants Cowboys Red Sox Mets Celtics Lakers NY Rangers Penguins The Red Sox beards - I really, really, hope the baseball beards are a fad that dies out after this year. Can't stand them.
Thanks guys for the input. Looking forward to giving Evolvr a try.
 That's a very good point - I'm sure the instructors wouldn't need a 120 fps camera to pick out my swing flaws either. Thanks for the feedback.
Hi all - first post, been reading these forums for awhile now. I am thinking of giving Evolvr a try as it seems like a lot of people on here have seen great results using it, but am wondering how effective it would be using my iPhone to film my swing? I read the thread about filming your own swing and the ideal types of cameras to use but I don't know that a new camera is in my budget at the moment. I know it's not ideal with the lower quality iPhone camera, so I guess I'm...
New Posts  All Forums: