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 I agree with you Strandly. I shot an 89 on Tuesday that I was pretty proud of. The course was not very forgiving off the tee, and upon reflection I realized I had to "punch out" 9 times. Had I given myself a chance for GIRs I probably could have converted 9 of those "punch outs" to 4-5 shots saved or more.
  I was using an analogy to help explain why an official handicap is taken. I'd be a pretty lousy accountant if I didn't know that! ;-)   EDIT: I am a pretty lousy accountant, but that's not the reason LOL
Before I calculated my handicap I just called myself a bogey golfer. Handicap measures your potential and not your average though. When I actually calculated my handicap I realized my handicap was a few strokes better than bogey golf, although lately with my back hurting it's been creeping up but I hope it doesn't creep up any higher. I'm playing today and I have REALLY high expectations. 
I just say it on every hole to impress my friends or whoever I'm playing with and if they say anything I will get REALLY defensive to the point it's just awkward for everyone and nobody has any fun.
  Why do auditors have to come and check out the accounting books when I know I did them right   I have the same sentiment as you though, I had been calculating them myself and I just signed up to make it official in case I wanted to compete in tournaments and make millions going pro
Mine's official and current. It doesn't mean I'm happy or proud of it. I don't compete in tournaments yet so for right now I guess I just use it as a measuring stick of my game. I haven't done this yet, but I might try today. Instead of playing to the course par, I'm going to play to beat my course handicap, basically beat bogey golf. Might help me make better course management decisions and put less strain on this knot in my back that won't go away (if I am not swinging...
If you see a bad golfer, even if you aren't golfing in his group, you gotta just run up to him and get in his face and start pushing him and stuff.
I took my wife out once a couple years ago. She hit middle irons straight and I think she had fun but we haven't gone out since. Lately she has expressed interest, as stated earlier in the thread, I think it's moreso to spend time together rather than really learn the game. I guess I just don't want it to turn into this:    
I played a round back in late May where I birdied the first hole with a long putt and that sent me on a tear; I was -3 after 5 holes. I finished the front 9 at an even par. I had never even broke 90 prior to this, and at the turn I was thinking, to heck with breaking 90, I want to break 80! Hole 10 is a short par 3. I put it just off the green, messed up my pitch and 3 putted for a 5. I finished the back nine +10 and ended the day with an 83.   Since then I...
  Good point. The more I think of it, My last six rounds, earliest to most recent, I lost 1, 5, 4, 4, 8, 8. These past couple of weeks I've had a bad knot in my back, and when it flares up, my mechanics went to sh#t. I'd play it safe and tee off with a 5 or 6 iron and then nasty hook it WAY into the woods. That is the cause of the OB tee shots I'm sure now. My back feels a lot better after taking a week off and I can't wait to get back out there tomorrow.   I still think...
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