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Ok I'll try it on a few first. Thank you
Hi everyone I bought some standard size grips cause I got a heck of a good deal on them, but I need something that is closer to a midsized grip. Is it ok to put 4-5 wraps of tape under a standard sized grip?? Will it mess the grip anyway?? Make them wear faster?? Thx for your help
Hey everyone, I have a ping G-5 and a ping G-20 hybrid. On the sole of both there is a little black hole that looks like an Alain key could fit in. Does anyone know what this is for??
Hello me again I hit send before I was done :) Wedges: Taylormade RAC 56* Putter: Scotty Cameron California Coronado Anyway so that's whats in my bag, hope you guys like it as much as I do.
Hello everyone, Here is what I'm currently gaming. Sorry I could not get actual photos as my bag is at the golf course. But here they are.... Driver: Nike Machspeed Black 10.5* 3 Wood: Mizuno MX 700 15* 5 Wood: Taylormade R9 19* (currently set at 18*) Hybrid: Ping G20 20* ( very ugly but gets the job done) Irons: Nike VR Full cavity 4-p and A wedge
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