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Welcome to the site, from the west side of the state. North of GR apx 20 miles.
The pro shop had a garage sale. Picked up a white ZL Encore 8.5* for $159.00
It was a nice day here for golf it was in the low 80's 44 / 40 = 84 6,357 yards. 6 pars 10 bogs 2 double bogs 32 putts
Got a new black 59* Trusty Rusty wedge.
Just got a new 2013 Cobra Amp cart bag Silver / White. My daughter got it for my birthday.
I don't hit 290 drives but I was using the stock stiff mid kick in my ZL 9.5. The ball would hit and roll maybe 1 to 2 yards. Bought a Fuel high kick stiff, get apx 10 to 15 yards roll out more. Could be just me but the high kick is working well for my roll out . Now I need to get my middle iron game to work. That may take some help from someone with a couch, and a degree, on the wall.
85 (43/42) course par 69 2-birds 7-par 3-bog 6- dbl or more 33-putts Middle irons gave me trouble today.
12 Srixon Z Star $29.99 2012 balls
Thanks for your service, I was stationed in Hawaii 1980 to 1983.
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