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I wonder if I'm the only one who would have been reckless and tried to hit a stock shot JUUUUUST to the side of the fade/draw wall. Maybe that's against the rules - your ball has to actually fade or draw or something. But these guys were starting their balls at the edge of the fairway and trying to shape it back to the center. Seems much easier to me to just try to hit a little fade or draw instead of the 20 yard fade/draw. Or just play your stock shot, which is probably a...
40th. +3.
I think that's a good modification. I'd imagine trees and deep rough would be the things that would cause me the most trouble that wouldn't already be penalties.   Personally, there isn't much trouble that I see around greens that aren't penalties (I have too much experience playing out of deep rough, and rarely play on courses with lots of trees). If I'm near the green, I feel like I should be able to get into the hole in 3 shots 90% of the time, no matter what type of...
 Not to pile on, but if you obeyed that, you would be laying up with basically every shot on the course. The best PGA tour player last year for GIR was just over 72%. That stat right there is saying that nobody should ever go for the green in 2 on a par 5.That's ridiculous. Here's my decision tree for going for it on a par 5:Can I reach the green without a significant risk of a penalty stroke? That's basically it. And I normally hit my 3 wood (maybe 5 wood if the lie is...
Happy for Paddy. Hopefully he turned a corner with his putting. It's painful to watch him psyche himself out over every putt. He's definitely a talented guy, and I emphasize with his constant tinkering.
So Paddy needs a birdie just to force a playoff now? Ouch.
I'm not surprised. The courses I play have been pretty busy this past year.
Super impressed by Reed's performance so far. 
I was able to watch a lot of this today. Man, the wind was brutal out there. But it was really fun to watch. I personally really like this course.
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