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 Is Valor Christian in your regional? I know the golf coach at Evergreen, which is in 4A, and he was telling me how Valor has 4 golfers who could all shoot in the 60s on a given day. That would be fun to watch.
I don't think they make a difference in my score. I struggle with long putts anyways, so I don't think the bumpiness really makes much difference. In fact, in competition, I somewhat look forward to aerated greens. I know other people are really bothered by aeration, and it doesn't bug me. Advantage - me.   Case in point - I played a course that had aerated its greens last weekend, and then a course with normal greens the day after. I shot a +11 with 34 putts on the...
We have a Ryder Cup tournament this weekend for my men's club. I'm pretty excited for it. There are going to be 2 teams of 16 players each. We're playing 27 holes, 9 alternate shot, 9 fourball, 9 individual match play. The nine set up pretty well for me. The nine that is most dangerous for me is fourball. My best nine is the individual match play. There's only one scary shot on the nine with the alternate shot.   We're having the draft on Friday night to select teams....
Bleh, went from 11.8 to 12.2. I don't think I've been happy with my play since late June.
Obviously, hindsight is 20/20, but man it would be nice to have Billy on the Ryder Cup team. He's so hot, and he has that type of killer attitude that I think would be great in the Ryder Cup. His attitude could back fire on him, but I'd much rather have that fire over Furyk's ho hum attitude, for example.
 So his tournament average is less than stroke below his handicap? I'd say no based on that. And isn't there a threshold based on that difference where GHIN will flag it for the committee to adjust? I'm guessing it's not in that threshold, so not a sandbagger. Even if he is a sandbagger, he's not very good at it. 
Rory just hit it in a guy's pocket. He sprayed it right, and it apparently it came straight down from hitting some tree branches into the shorts' pocket of a guy who was trying to get away.    Never seen that before. Rory was cracking up about it, too. Got a free drop obviously, hit the green, and made a par.
I thought of another good one. A South American putt - needs one more revolution.
Whenever I take a provisional that is a good shot (which is most of the time): I need to remember the old Chinese proverb - hit second shot first.
I was able to get a ticket last night, so I was there today. It was a lot of fun. I went to the driving range for about 45 minutes at first, and then went and stood behind the green at 10 the rest of the day. The driving range was amazing to watch. I was watching Jerry Kelly warm up and it was ridiculous. The thing that really stuck with me is that he took what I think was a 5 iron and proceeded to put about 20 shots within 50 feet of each other, at least 200 yards down...
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