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 Ha! I actually remember hearing that. I think I chuckled but also thought, "did he really just say that?" Just a bad joke, really. Nothing I would get too worked up about.
 This is exactly what I think. He seems like he has a legion of PR consultants telling him exactly what to do at every step. Tiger seemed to be the same way at first, and we found out that was a big act. I just don't trust squeaky clean images like his, because people are not squeaky clean. I mean, he once said that one of his favorite things is the Pro-Ams at tournaments. Come on. I don't believe that.
87 and 108 - my last two rounds. They are almost a month apart, yes. And the second round I got a full case of the shanks. That type of dispersion happens maybe once a year to me.
Yeah, uh, the guy is really mad because someone was hit the range picker? He has to expect that. Everybody aims at that thing when it's out there. Bad luck for him that the ball hit the 8 inch gap, but he has to expect that.   This is probably a good reason not to aim at the range picker though (I know you didn't do that, OP, just saying that for future reference for the rest of us).
Two things that jump out at me, keeping in mind you should defer to actual instructors on here, is that your head is moving quite a bit throughout the swing and that you don't seem to be getting a full turn.   I think your head movement is caused by you swaying a bit in the backswing. You're moving your upper body and head away from the ball, which means your head has to move in the downswing to get back to where it was originally to make contact. The lack of a full turn...
 I actually agree with you. And I almost made a thread about this last week. I think Spieth's image is contrived. There isn't a single 21 year old that is that mature, sorry. I was mature for a 21 year old, but I still was an idiot. Spieth would be much more interesting to me if he shed his laced up image every once in a while. I strongly prefer Rory. His golf is so much more electric. He seems to be more genuine because he's not interested in projecting a perfect image of...
For me personally, what got me hooked on golf was hitting the ball in the air a decent distance. I would take him to the range, hand him a pitching wedge, and then teach him the basics with the goal of getting the ball in the air. I'd say make this a short session - 30 minutes to an hour at the most. I think this would be a good way to try to get him interested without boring him or overwhelming him.   Then, I'd take him out to the local par 3 or executive course....
 I'm not so sure I agree with you. I wonder if he turns into Sergio. He's been close what, 5 times at this point? That has to wear on you as a golfer, and you could see how upset he was today. If he's close, he might start to think about all of the times he came up short.  That said, I do really like him. And he has the talent to be up there with Rory - probably has a similar talent level to DJ. If he gets a major done, he could easily win a couple. But I think he has to...
Great day of golf. I'm not really that excited over Zach Johnson winning, but good for him.
The fat lady isn't quite singing yet, but she's warming up now.
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