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For me, this was the formula to break 85:   (1) Get it in play off the tee the first time. This doesn't necessarily mean that I hit fairways, but if I can avoid re-teeing for my third stroke, I'll break 85.  (2) Limit blow up holes to double bogeys. Really, if I get in trouble, I'm playing for bogey. And don't get down on yourself - you can have a blow up hole and still break 85. (3) Around the green, ensure that you give yourself a putt for par. Assuming that you'll...
Went to the range last night. I was just focused on changing my set up - posture (weight on balls of feet, knees more over my feet, chin tucked in) and my feet pointing out like in that video mvmac posted above. The results were a massive improvement over what I've been going through recently. Contact was much more consistent, and my ball flight was generally straight, with some pulls mixed in. I have some video, but I'm not going to post it just yet. I have a tournament...
I honestly didn't even know that Dick's had PGA pros working for them. Would have been much more likely to shop there had I known that. I normally don't go there except to get tees or balls because their selection on clubs isn't as good as Golf Galaxy or Golfsmith, and I don't think they had any used clubs.
Thanks everybody. I'm getting back on the range on Wednesday, so I'll do a little tweaking. I'll try to get some better videos, too.
Thanks. I see what you're saying, and it makes sense that it could contribute to either a pull hook or a slice.Any chance for a link to that drill? I can't find anything through a search.
I've been Playing Golf for:​ seriously for about 3 years. I played a bit when I was younger, but really got back into the game about 3 years ago. My current handicap index or average score is: 12.0. Average score is about an 85. My typical ball flight is: Straight to slight fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Boy, I could write a book on this one. For a long time, I struggled with a slice with my longer clubs. That happens rarely now....
I have unfortunately hit into people before. Never actually hit anybody, thank god, but I've come close. But every single time it's been an accident. Very few people hit into others on purpose (and people that do should not be playing golf). Here's what you do - after it happens, talk to them about it. It's possible they haven't played the course before and had no idea. The course yardages are also likely mismarked. I've stood on holes the scorecard claims are 330 yards...
I'm only addicted in the winter.
My lowest score dropped off this time, leaving me with a 12.0 (from 11.5). But now I have 5 freebies to come off my index before I run into my next score that counts. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.
If you ever play Fox Hollow in Lakewood, there's a coyote that's often on the course. I've never seen him be aggressive towards golfers, but he is way too comfortable with humans for my taste. I've seen him go between the practice green and the number one tee on one of the nines. It's cool to see him, but it does make me a little nervous that he's not afraid to get pretty close. I prefer my coyotes to give humans a wide berth.
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