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Reminds me of my thoughts when I was watching Jerry Kelly warm up at the BMW last year: It was probably better than 50 feet, too, to be honest. My best shots are just PGA tour pro's okay shots. Their worst shot I would take pretty much every time, too. It's absolutely incredible to see how good these guys are up close.
The only thing that caddies do that bother me is fix their player's alignment. Lining up your shot correctly is a fundamental of golf to me. If you can't do it when you're a professional, I don't even know what to say.   That being said, if I played with a caddy in a serious tournament, I would probably have them check my alignment. Because I want to use every advantage I can.
 Never is too common for you?  
 A lot of courses do not have enough of a difference for the women to have a realistic shot at the green in regulation. My wife plays golf, and she's one of the longest female hitters I've ever played with. She'll consistently get it out there 180 or so. I'd say on the majority of par 4s, she's using at least a hybrid into the green. For most women to have a chance at the green in regulation, a par 4 will have to be under 300 yards. And most courses, out here at least,...
@ShaneRyan - Really enjoying the book so far. Quick question on the Patrick Reed stuff. I was curious about his estrangement with his family. Do you have any inkling of what may have caused that? The book seems to hint that Justine and his family don't get along, but I feel like it must be something more than that.
"Did you pass out first at the Ryder Cup after party?"   "No."   "Was it Justin Rose?"  
 Yeah, I'm just assuming 4 average 6-8 handicappers. I suppose if you get 4 long 6-8 handicappers, your chances might increase. But then the 6-8 handicappers would have problems in other areas that lead to their 6-8 caps (which I'd imagine you could attest to).
 Well, then, you're the outlier. But we're still saying the same thing. Look at the yardages that Wally Fairway posted. If you hit a 270 yard drive on a 498 par 4, you're still talking a 228 yard approach shot. The median PGA Tour player hits it 53'4" from 225-250 yards. I think the odds are that 4 6-8 handicappers will miss the green quite frequently from that distance. Then we're talking about scrambling with some really undulating, fast greens. They'll make quite a few...
 Odds are that you don't actually average a 270 yard drive (not saying it's impossible, just unlikely). There's a chart that's floating around here that has the correlation between average driver distance and handicap. I couldn't find it easily, but you don't get into the 270 average range unless you're a scratch golfer. Note that even a 270 yard drive would big them at a big disadvantage in driving distance compare to the rest of the PGA tour (see -...
Can I say that it depends on the course? I'm not sure a group of 6-8 cappers has the distance to compete with the pros at a course like Chambers Bay. Just because there's going to be probably 3-4 holes a round where they can't get a nGIR (at an average driving distance for that group, I'd think any par 4 that's over 450 will be really tough for them to get a nGIR). I think at a long course, that group would be looking at a couple of bogeys per round that they'll have...
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