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I assume they meant square to the target, because that's how magazines like that define a square club face.
Yikes. This one seems to be the worst:   [quote]Launching one straight right often feels powerful because you're hitting with a square clubface, but you're still heading to the right trees to search for it. The issue with a push -- a shot that starts right and stays on that line -- is that the club comes into impact too far from the inside; you're swinging too in to out.[/quote]   Uh, isn't a push because of an open clubface? Or do I not understand the "new" ball...
I have a lot of questions that I'm guessing he won't want to answer, haha.   Who were your least favorite/most favorite golfers as you were writing the book? How much backlash do you expect because of this book (because of, for example, allegations about Reed, and I think you've hinted about stuff about Dubuisson on your podcast as well)?   I'll probably think of more.
 I skied and play golf on the same day in March, man. STEP YOUR GAME UP.  
 Wasn't this called a big reason peopled used for Tiger winning majors all the time? He would go and study the course and learn everything about it? I would have thought every player would follow that lead, considering they've done that for a lot of things Tiger did (new ball, fitness, etc.).
 I'm sure you're right - it was just a brain fart. But, that was prerecorded, so I'm not sure why they wouldn't go back and fix it. Unless he actually doesn't understand angles.
I voted for the laughs. Kostis today proved he doesn't understand simple angles.
Rory isn't the only guy that could destroy St. Andrews by driving it a long way. It will all depend on the weather and if Rory can keep his hot streak going.
This coverage is awful. Kostis' swing analysis is so bad and annoying. He said that about a 30 degree angle was greater than 90 in his analysis of Rory's swing. Yeesh. 5 minutes on Nantz's birthday. We don't need two views of Rory's swing. Ugh.   Been on CBS for half an hour, they've shown maybe 15 shots?
Here's a question for you all. I struggle sometimes with figuring out which way the putt will break. I'm okay on slope %s, but I think I'd get much better by figuring out more consistently the high or low side of the putt.   My question is - does it make sense to plumb bob to figure that out? I'm thinking it would just be behind the ball to figure out which way the slope is going. Would that work? I wouldn't use it for the line or anything else - only to figure out which...
New Posts  All Forums: