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Take a practice swing next to ball Walk behind the ball Pick out target line, find target a few feet in front of me Line up with the short target Swing   Takes about 10 seconds total. Sometimes I'll add a second practice swing, but generally not.
I think mine will be lower but that I'll be worse at golf. The reason is that I have about 6 terrible differentials about to come off my handicap before the end of the year. And my wife is currently pregnant, so I won't get to play much next year. So my handicap will likely go down the rest of the year and then be static all next year. 
I want Turbulators to help me drive it long with the PING G30 Driver!   I predict that the BLUE (East Coast) TEAM will win the 2015 Newport Cup by a score of 30 to 24 The MVP will be @jbishop15 with 11 points won. 
 This is my experience, too. To add to that, I'm pretty sure that most of my online accounts are linked to a credit card that has expired. As far as giving away my e-mail, I have a spam folder that I can use if the courses are really bad about it. I give more personal information away by joining my grocery store's discount program than booking online. As for the commercials, they're dumb and not funny. So they're the same as about 98% of all commercials.
Quote: Yes.
HE'S BACK             (not really, but this is pretty vintage Tiger right now)
For what it's worth, you can watch it online on Golf Channel Live Extra if you have the right cable subscription. I have Comcast and was able to start watching it online.
 Yeah, I agree. If Phil isn't there, don't bring Keegan. I would love to bring along Horschel, too, but he hasn't really done much this year. I love his fire for a Ryder Cup. I really hope he puts himself in the Ryder Cup next year.
The baseball comparison is funny to me. Offense is certainly down in baseball because of testing, but it's also due to the fact that umpires are calling strikes better. And, basically every MLB pitcher throws it over 90 now, but he doesn't think that's weird or noteworthy. But a 30% increase in swing speed (very much doubt that %, by the way) means PEDs.   Also, no one has broken Secretariat's records because American thoroughbreds just don't have much genetic diversity...
Patrick Reed, no doubt. Unless he completely falls off a cliff, I'm always taking him to match play events. He was fantastic with Spieth, and Spieth is like a puppy dog in that he can get along with anybody.   I'd also go for Brooks Koepka, because I love a long hitter in this type of event (although how he's not in the top 9 on the money list, I have no idea). And I also have a lot of respect for the way he came to the PGA Tour. That takes onions, so I think he'd be up...
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