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Thanks for the replies guys. The reason for my high handicap, more than anything is my putting and wedge play but also "Blow up" holes. I shot a 92 on Monday and had an 11 on a par 5. I don't loose many balls off the tee. I think my real problem is I don't hit many GIR and my putting is crappy. Anyway I think I'll try hitting some other clubs off the tee and see what changes. thanks again.
That's what I'm trying to figure out. I like playing with my group from the whites, but I'd like to hit all my clubs also. The real problem I have though is my handi cap. I don't feel I should move back because it's high, but I think I might do better with some full clubs into greens, rather than having to try and adjust for the shorter shots.
Here's the issue. My home course is 5600 from the whites, which I play because that's what my group plays. The problem is that in today's round and the last couple weeks actually, I've hit nothing but driver, 56 and putter. It wasn't until hole 9 today that  I had to hit something other than those three clubs, and not again until 13. The real problem is that I'm left with some funky distances, at least for me. I'm anywhere from 30 to 60 yards out on most holes. I'm...
Thanks for the reply's. I do understand the handicap but can't get my brother to see it the way that it is. He still feels like he won or lost because of the lower or higher score. I'll have to have him do a search and look through some of the posts.
Here's the question. I'm a 29 handicap I'm playing a 0 capper on a par 72 course. He shoots a 73 and I shoot 100. I win? I ask because  my brother and I were talking about handicaps and he just doesn't think that it seems fair to be able to win when you shoot so much higher than somebody else. What do you guys think about this? By the way this is my first post and I'm loving this forum.
New Posts  All Forums: