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To all club makers, I am looking to buy all types of club repair equipment. Used loft & lie machine, shaft extractor, shaft analyzers etc........ Does anyone here have anything for sale or know where to look apart from ebay and craigslist. Thanks
If you are hitting the ball that far then I would consider X stiff. The stiffer the shaft the lower the ball flight will be.
Check out the grip size & fitting page on golfclubshaftreview.com.
Aldila is a very good shaft company and has been making high quality shafts for years. The DVS is a light weight shaft with a mid kick point and 3.3 torque. By the looks of it you have a strong swing. For the price I would buy it and try it out. If you have good DIY skills you can do it yourself and save a lot of fitting charges. They only real way to find out if a shaft is going to be any good for you is to try it out. I know this answer does not really help but for such...
As you found out, they best way to find the right shaft for you is by trying them out. You were lucky to find a great shaft that suits your game. Some people take forever and spend a fortune on it. Try having your shafts PURED too, make a difference. Try www.golfclubshaftreview.com for a lot of shaft specs
I have always gone with extra wraps of tape rather than going up to midsize. 3 or 4 wraps does it and makes it easier to grip the glub without having to squeeze too hard. The lighter grip pressure will take tention out of the hands and arms which will help with greater distance.
Hi,   Does anyone know what hard stepping or soft step means. I heard the phrase but not sure what it is.   Thank you.
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