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 Not nearly as far fetched as you may want to think.  The speed and feel of a ball as it comes off of the putter is the major factor I use in what ball I use.  Some of it is surely mental, such as how the sound interacts with your brain and changes the way you may feel about it.  However, I can tell a big difference between the way balls putt, and some of them just simply don't work for me.  I'm fine with a ball that I'm consistently long or short with.. but some balls I...
I love my Callaway X2hot Pro's. Very forgiving, long, and a flushed shot feels just as good as a pure hit from my old mp53's
Mine has the Date, Course, and hole number marked on it in sharpie.   The ball is on the bottom level of my logo ball case (keep a logo ball from every course I play) and is sandwiched between the scorecard from the round my hole-in-one came from and the scorecard from my lowest round ever.
Nice round of even Par!   Dang right you need to post it!
Played yesterday and two of my playing partners each found hex chrome on the course.  Not sure it if was the hex chrome +.   Both balls looked almost new and had no issues when they started playing them.  About a hole later, each ball had a slash in them.  Once again.. this was just a random sampling from golf balls found on the course.. but we weren't impressed with the durability.
  I'm a firm believer in always playing the same type of ball.  My buddies love me for it... because I always give them any nice new balls (including) ProV's that I find on the course.  I just feel like using the same ball promotes a consistent feel around the greens.   I've been playing the Yellow Srizon TriSpeed Tour's for about a year now.   A friend of mine gave me a box of E6's and I feel like they play very similar for me (probably around 85 driver swing speed). ...
I'm a firm believer in the idea that the less loft you use.. the less variability in the shot.   If the fringe allowed I would use my putter.   Otherwise I would either choke down on my 4 hybrid or my 7 iron and use a putting stoke.   The 4 hybrid putt from around the green has saved me a ton of shots and is very repeatable with just a little practice.
It rained on my clubs while I was playing this past Wednesday... does that count as cleaning them?       My course has club washers on the carts.  I generally give them a wipe down or stick them in the club washer every couple of shots.  Once or twice per season I'll pull all of them out of the bag and give them a full wash.  Grips get replaced once to twice per season depending on how they are holding up.  If they ever start to feel the least bit slick to me...
      Fourputt,   I understand what you are saying.. but you are missing the point of my original post.   Instead of looking at each of my posts with the intent of disagreeing... try actually reading them with the intent of agreeing with me.   I think you will find that the context will change some.   My original post was referring to a marshall who was adamant about NO MULLIGANS.  I made the point that 2 off the first tee for EVERYONE would actually speed up play because...
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