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 I can understand people who are on call for work or some sort of family issue.  What I can't stand are those people who are always on the phone because they think they're more important than God and so have to be in contact at all times.
I have written and sold some short stories to the Grantville Gazette, which is an online addition to the "1632" series by Eric Flint.
I don't know about putting fruit in a beer to serve it.  To each his own.   However, I really like trying some of the beers that are brewed with fruit in them.  I've had some really good ones and some I wondered why they bothered.   What I really don't care for is the recent trend of "I wonder how many hops we can squeeze into this beer?"
For me, it's all about what I can control in the trip, and for me that means driving is better.  At least once or twice a year I drive from Maryland to Illinois to visit my parents.  Because they are three hours away from a major airport and I am an hour from any, by the time I would get through all the flying connections, I don't save significant time.  Yeah, it's tiring driving that long (about 14 hours) and I sometimes make it a two day trip.  Plus, I can stop whenever...
I love the whiskey ads!! Probably the most stunning woman I've ever had the privilege to meet, Sharna Burgess from Dancing with the Stars: 
I played one course where they had placed some clocks at different tees, each adjusted by the expected play time to get to that tee.  If the clock showed later than your start time, you were going too slow.
Hey, I do enjoy The Five sometimes, sometimes I'll watch MSNBC.  I like getting all points of view and trying to understand them.  I also find that each network has its idiots.   I'll be honest though. One of the big reasons I like to watch The Five is seeing Kymberly's legs right after I get off work!
I played in my workplace's Fall Golf Scramble last week, where many of us take a day of leave and go play.  It was a typical shotgun start and my team started on a wooded par 3.  Well, I shot first.  First shot of the day and I pull the ball, like I tend to do, and it heads right into the trees on the left.  But, lo and behold, it proceeds to bounce off a couple of branches and pops back out and lands just in front of the green.  The best part (or worst depending on how...
Yeah, I've always heard you should never wash a ball before hitting over water for that very reason.  It might like the water too much!
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