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Hey, I do enjoy The Five sometimes, sometimes I'll watch MSNBC.  I like getting all points of view and trying to understand them.  I also find that each network has its idiots.   I'll be honest though. One of the big reasons I like to watch The Five is seeing Kymberly's legs right after I get off work!
I played in my workplace's Fall Golf Scramble last week, where many of us take a day of leave and go play.  It was a typical shotgun start and my team started on a wooded par 3.  Well, I shot first.  First shot of the day and I pull the ball, like I tend to do, and it heads right into the trees on the left.  But, lo and behold, it proceeds to bounce off a couple of branches and pops back out and lands just in front of the green.  The best part (or worst depending on how...
Yeah, I've always heard you should never wash a ball before hitting over water for that very reason.  It might like the water too much!
It's always ironic how some people look down on those with retrievers, yet seem really happy when someone with a retriever gets a ball back for them.
Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die.
I recall a lady's match a while back, but don't remember which one of who did this.  One golfer overshot the green and her ball landed in the tall grass on the far side.  She finds the ball, but it is too tall to hit out of.  She takes a penalty and drops outside the grass.  Her next shot she flops and lands right back in the same grass.
Mattaponi Springs is also not too far away.  It's a highly ranked course.
I have a weakness for soft baked white chocolate and macadamia nut.   But, to be truthful, no cookie is safe if it's laying around for me to reach!!
Okay, this just happened Friday:   1)  Top the ball in the drive and it dribbles forward, not quite making it to the forward tees. 2)  Decent shot, leaving me about 120 yards out. 3)  For some reason, the ball only goes about half as far as it should and dribbles into the creek crossing the course. 4)  Drop back out of the creek. 5)  Blade the ball and it line drives through the tall grass of the creek, barely making it to the other side. 6)  Do a little bump and...
New Posts  All Forums: