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Another factor to consider for the differing iron distances.  One 7 iron is not necessarily the same as another 7 iron.  Companies often have different lofts for the same numbered club.  In fact, that is a trick some companies have used to claim their clubs hit farther - they have a lower loft on the club.
 If that is what they wanted, they definitely didn't write out the rule very well.  Instead of calling it"out of bounds", they should have said something to the effect that if a ball lands in the staked area, you may take a free drop within the two club lengths mentioned.  It's just a very poorly worded rule.
It is strange.  I'll have a blow up hole and score an 8 on a par 3, only to then make par on the next hole, a par 5.
I've only ever broken 100 playing executive courses.  My last game was a 108 playing the senior tees on a par 72.  I would have scored better if it weren't for a few blow-up holes (2 8's and a 9).  Most of the holes were 5's and 6's, although I did par one par 3 hole.  My goal right now is to average 6 or less on each hole.
You know, back to the original question, for those who question butter in coffee, consider this.  Many people put real cream in coffee.  Butter is made from real cream.
Although he's a villain and not a hero, I think Bullseye would be a great partner, but you wouldn't want to play against him.
"Is lap dancing a style?"
I think that is a big part of the problem.  They need to quit calling them the "ladies" and "senior" tees.  Of course, that is well ingrained in the culture and it will be real hard to change it. I believe what would also help is for better golfers to play alongside those who should use shorter tees.  It would eliminate the stigma from hearing "I'm going to play from back here, but you need to move forward".
That's actually to be expected, since a vast majority of the population is within 100 miles of the US border.
I completely agree on this.  You should always have an option.  Now the option may cost you a lot of extra strokes, but you should still have an option.  I have seen a number of course that require you to cross bodies of water, even from the short tees.
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