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I think that's a big part of the problem.  A lot of people just feel the government is using climate change as an excuse to gain more control over business and raise tazes.
The appeal to a lot of people is that no matter what he says, he doesn't apologize for it.  A lot of people get real tired of politicians who tiptoe around because they might "offend" someone.
 I completely agree with this.  Businesses should not be artificially maintained just to keep jobs open.  As society and technology changes, some industries will be lost while others are gained.  What I do object to are industries being shackled and even destroyed not by evolution but by a political agenda.  This isn't happening yet to the fossil fuel industry, but many activists would like for it to happen, whether or not a viable replacement is ready.  When the time...
The whole situation comes down to a series of questions:   Is the climate changing? Is human activity causing a significant part of the change? Are the changes detrimental to our civilization? Can we do anything to stop or reverse the change? What are the current costs to society if we make the changes?   Most of the activists tend to forget that last question.  The everyday man cares about the planet, but he has to balance that care against the needs of his family...
I don't know, but I may have you all beat.  The very first time I picked up a driver and hit the ball, it sliced so bad I almost shot a 1 for the course.  That's right, it landed on the 18th green!!
I will say that when I was in Italy, I had the best salad I have ever eaten, and it was just greens with some oil and vinegar.  I figure it had to be the freshness of the ingredients. And, to keep it on track, the pizza in Naples was really good too! Oddly enough, the lasagna, was just okay.
I do something similar.  I just assume the "par" for every hole is 5.  That way, if I manage to "par" every hole, I shoot a 90.  I've still got a way to go before that happens.  Oddly enough, I seem to break "par" more on the par 4 holes than I do on the par 3.
Definitely, and which one is best is entirely subjective.  For pizza, I've had the classic Neopolitan style in Naples and it was great.  But then, so is Chicago deep dish style, or New York style, or the Midwest tavern style thin crust, or any of the others.  It's all great.  Some days I want one type, some days another. I do think it's important to respect the original classic recipe, but that's no reason to ignore the variations.  Although, sometimes I do think we here...
This was easy.  I don't eat chicken wings now, so I could do without them.
Freddy's is a really good burger, as are others that are similar, like Steak n' Shake and Culver's.  The smashed style burger is my favorite style.  I tend to favor Steak n' Shake, even though there are none really close to me, because of their price.  You can get several different burger and fry combinations for under $5.
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