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I really don't think he has a chance, but if by some quirk he does get elected, I believe he would have the same problem Ross Perot would have had if he had been elected.  Both are leaders of business and used to getting things their way.  I could see them going to Congress and saying "We need to do X, Y, and Z."  Congress would then say back, "Sorry, that's not on our agenda today."
One course I play tends to have all these little white mushrooms at certain times of the year.  You think you've spotted your ball only to get there and find it's a mushroom.
I went out last Friday and had a few blow up holes ond too many missed putts on the front nine.  It didn't help that on the first hole I got a twinge in my back that affected me for several holes.  I wasn't going to quit though - I had already paid for the round.   On the back nine, however, my back loosened back up and I managed to shoot 49.  I even birdied one hole, so it was a good game.
I agree.  Plus, we have to remember that we build resistance by being exposed to the germs, not isolating ourselves from them.
This is just completely ridiculous.  Once you sell a product, that particular item is no longer yours and the new owner can do whatever he wants with it.  Now, I completely understand the voiding of warranties if you work on the car yourself and something goes wrong.  I could even agree with whoever gives you a loan making some sort of restrictions on who works on the vehicle.  After all, they have a financial interest in the vehicle until the loan is paid off.  And, of...
 I can understand people who are on call for work or some sort of family issue.  What I can't stand are those people who are always on the phone because they think they're more important than God and so have to be in contact at all times.
I have written and sold some short stories to the Grantville Gazette, which is an online addition to the "1632" series by Eric Flint.
I don't know about putting fruit in a beer to serve it.  To each his own.   However, I really like trying some of the beers that are brewed with fruit in them.  I've had some really good ones and some I wondered why they bothered.   What I really don't care for is the recent trend of "I wonder how many hops we can squeeze into this beer?"
For me, it's all about what I can control in the trip, and for me that means driving is better.  At least once or twice a year I drive from Maryland to Illinois to visit my parents.  Because they are three hours away from a major airport and I am an hour from any, by the time I would get through all the flying connections, I don't save significant time.  Yeah, it's tiring driving that long (about 14 hours) and I sometimes make it a two day trip.  Plus, I can stop whenever...
I love the whiskey ads!! Probably the most stunning woman I've ever had the privilege to meet, Sharna Burgess from Dancing with the Stars: 
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