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Thanks for the reply. I have a question, most teachers say you should hinge your wrists up to the sky. This feels extremely uncomfortable to me and usually causes a terrible day for ball striking. The most comfortable wrist hinge is shaped like this \ instead of up if you were facing my swing from behind. Is it ok to hinge at an angle?
Hey guys, I havent logged on in awhile but recently i've been struggling with my wrist hinge on the take away. Does anyone know how to tell if my wrist hinge is incorrect? And maybe a picture or diagram showing the proper wrist hinge. Thanks
No no im not a baseball playet anymore (i wish i still could) i never hit a golf ball until after my senior year in highschool. I was thinking possibly that all those years of swinging a bat caused a rather baseball like golf swing.
Today i went over my stance, address, and grip. I noticed my grip was extremely tight. Like 1-10 i was an 8.5, can grip effect swing plane and maybe cause a shank? Or can a tight grip cause other problems?
Thanks everyone, Im very driven to get better at the game. I played baseball my entire life until i graduated High School. I think the baseball swing may be creeping into my golf swing. Im still relatively young (20) and ive never had any form of coaching or teaching about the game. Ive learned everything I know from simply reading and watching. I was very confident in my game for only playing for a year and a half. I was improving rapidly i went from shooting 105-100 to...
Lessons, according to the pro which i have gotten positive feedback about from others, his usual prices are $40-50 a lesson but they have a special this week for the 5 lesson package deal.
Thanks guys. Ive considered lessons theres a 5 lesson deal going on for $90 at a local course. I heard the pro there was a great teacher. If i decided to take the lessons what should I expect and how do you think this would help my game if at all?
Hello all, my game has seemed to dropped from decent to horrendous in what seemed like a day. Its gotten so bad ive come looking for advice as this is my first post. Ive been playing golf for almost 2 years and ive been practicing since early winter hitting everyday, and i mean everyday since around dec-jan. Anyways out of the blue i caught a case of the shanks. I played a monday round and all was well 24 hrs later i find myself looking over my first iron shot of the day...
New Posts  All Forums: