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Can you email me any pictures at chris.cocuzza@gmail.com
It's not even a suggestion really, I just had no clue what they were going for. Thanks, I'll lower the "suggestion."
Upping...anyone interested in ANYTHING? just offer please...
Check the name.
PM'ed you an offer
PM'ed. Yes, I am taking trades.
Nobody? You can just offer up, offer anything.
Hello. I decided today that if I wasn't already spending enough money, now I want a whole new set of golf clubs. So the whole set has to go. This year, I only played 9 holes about 10 times for my high school in the spring, and literally only 4 rounds since then, one of them being today. This sale includes EVERYTHING IN MY SIG, which contains a lot of specs. So for sale, I have a r7 460 driver (just this season old), Mizuno CLK Hybrid (just this season), Mizuno MP60 5-PW...
Please try. I need money pretty bad here. Anybody just offer.
Hello. I bought this rangefinder from a very reputable member here to help me caddy at Ridgewood Country Club in New Jersey, where I work. However, during this high school football season, due to a dirty hit on my I broke my ankle and I haven't been able to caddy since. I bought this for like $350 or something like that and only used it once, during the Barclays Classic Pro Am that was at my course in late August. You could ask Boo Weekley, he was in my group and actually...
New Posts  All Forums: