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Went out yesterday and played a match between to alter egos. One was 'Clean Run' and the other 'Dirty Cal'. They both were playing pretty well at 1 under after four. But then the wind kicked up a bit, and ended up shooting 4 over for 'Dirty' and 2 over for 'Clean'. Then I went out and played Worst Ball, which is, like you probably could assume like Best Ball, except you play the worst from each shot. I didn't take score, which is kind of the point, but it did give me a lot...
Shot another good round today. 35-38=73. Played the two fronts at Terra Lago, South and North. This score is going to help me get to a handicap below 1.4 which is the ceiling for applying for a qualifier for the US Open. So, now I expect to sign up to play at The Classic Club in May for my qualifier. Woop Woop.
Had a fairly nice day today. One of the better ones this year. Played two fronts from the back tees at Terra Lago South, total distance 7510yds, rating 76.4, slope 141. I shot a 35-39= 74. Obviously much happier about the first front, than I was the second front, but I had plenty of good shots throughout. My putting began to fall apart on the middle back though.
In the first video (3 wood), which was taken after the second video (mid-iron), I remember to put my feet a little closer together. Now I wasn't sure @mvmac what exactly you meant about the flex over feeling, but I gave it a try, pushing the knee out, and feeling like I'm flexing over the ball a little. It looks like I'm getting that inline impact, but just barely. I would like to see a little more time with my hands over the ball before my club head actually gets there....
I need to get off the darn course and go practice on the range. Lately, I have been playing 3-4 rounds per week. It's too much, and I am not able to make efficient and progressive changes to my swing on the course. Plus, it's the season, so my rounds average around 4 hours +, and that is kind of a waste of time for me. I am thinking I'm going to reduce it down to 1 or 2 rounds per week, and try to make them one of the earliest times. That way I get around the course just...
  Some new swing videos. I think my flip is starting to recede, but it is still something I need to pay close attention to. Need to keep that inline impact. 
78 @ Morongo Golf club from blues. I should not be playing during swing changes. Bad barrett.
My round from today at Torrey Pines North. @Golfingdad Kind of disappointed I'm not in any of the pictures. I know I didn't give you permission, but I thought it was implied.  (feeling left out). Actually, I should bring a real camera next time and take some pro-pics. I'm in to that.
 This is an UPDATE. The round showed back up today in my unsigned rounds, thankfully, and today's round uploaded without a hitch. My confidence is restored.
Shot 82 at Torrey Pines North today with @tristanhilton85, @mvmac, and @Golfingdad. Drove the ball well, putting ok, pitching give and take, sand play was good (holed out from bunker for birdie on one hole). My approach shots were shite. Was +4 or +5 on par 3's. Missed several greens from within 150. Topped a 9 iron. Yeah....I know. Going to get my work on tomorrow, and fix this nonsense.
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