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I think this is an ugly thing to accuse someone of without substantial support. Even if this is not true, it creates a group of people that will behave and spread rumors as if it is. Poor form.
I'll be with @tristanhilton85 going to Panera with @Golfingdad
Anyone interested in a $5 skins game, 'net' of course. I'll be bringing cash.
@Golfingdad and I must have the same weather app. 
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bechambo10/round/320557   Amazing round...it's like two separate people played each side...
Hey now....   My name is Barrett Chamberlain, age 29, living in Coachella, CA. I have been playing golf casually since I was 13 years old, however, the last two years I became very invested in my game. I now average 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, playing and practicing my golf game. I play competitively, and have won several tournaments on the Golf Channel Am Tour in Palm Springs. My handicap is currently +0.7. I am currently finishing up my BA at University of...
There was definitely some helping winds on the course this afternoon, and I was able to get my ball high and in it on the holes with that advantage. Normally on still days, I can roll them out 280-290 on fairways. With that 8i, 7-10 yards was wind as well. Normal 8i falls around 154-160. Been really working on good ball striking, hitting center face, with inline impact, and the results are starting to show it. @mvmacMike has been helping me out a bit with my swing a couple...
Smoked it today. New low score for me on the South Course of Terra Lago (Home course). Check it out. Caught fire on the back. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bechambo10/round/293116
Babe sounds good to me.
Played a Golf Channel AM Tour event yesterday in Palm Desert, at Desert Willow, Mountain View Course. Tied for 2nd, with a 74. Beautiful course, however, the greens were slow ~9's. Here's the link to that event's leaderboard. 
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