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URL: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bechambo10   Real Name: Barrett Chamberlain
My most memorable shot was at a US Open qualifier at Andalusia Country Club. We started on the back nine and the shot took place on the 11th hole. I hit my drive into a right fairway bunker. The next shot was a 7 iron to a back pin, slight fade for about 170 yards, leaving me a tap in for birdie. Best fairway bunker shot ever (for me). Great feeling, great moment. Didn't qualify though. Felt pro for two holes.
Posted my first round with Game Golf. It didn't pick up my first two holes, some had minor edits such as tee box and pins, and most were pretty accurate recordings. I like it so far, need more rounds to fill in data points for all my clubs to start showing overarching issues. I really like the challenges portion. Signed up for the putts/hole one. Posted a 1.38 in my last round, but signed up for challenge after the round, therefore it didn't count. Follow Barrett...
Yeah. I've been talking to Mike, and I have been working on Key's 1 - 3 mostly. Flaring out the feet, getting the knee's pointed more out, and not in. The one thing I am currently having trouble with is Key 3, inline impact. I can do it half and quarter swing, but as you can see by the video, at full swing I still flip a little. I figure it's something I have to continue to work in. Breaking old habits and drilling in new ones. Looking at the video, it seems like I have to...
    This weekend's swing update videos.
  Here's my current swing...let me have it.
I'm coming into this discussion late, and not sure what has already been addressed. However, have the terms been defined and agreed upon? It seems to me that 'accuracy' is a measurement of closeness to a value or point, having two or more dimensions (such as the hole). Whereas distance is a single dimension, which I would assume would be part of accuracy. In this sense, it seems, the argument is mute, as it would assert that the wheels are more important than the car;...
 Not going to this one guys. Sorry.
Alright, @tristanhilton85 or @mvmac, one of you needs to start the new TST SoCal Summer 2014 Outing Thread so we can get the new ball rolling. Lets narrow it down to 2 or 3 courses in the San Diego area and post that poll. One that was already mentioned was Encinitas Ranch Golf Course. I would like to nominate Coronado Golf Course as a possibility; haven't played it myself, but it looks nice enough and I like the location.
This was posted on the SCGA site and I found it to be an interesting idea. I would like t hear everyone's thought on this.
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