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@tristanhilton85 for Terra Lago, we could probably get green fees down to $40 each, late morning, on the North. There is nobody out there anymore. Season's over.
So whatever happened to having it in Palm Springs? @Golfingdad @tristanhilton85 @mvmac
@tristanhilton85 I'm playing in a tournament the weekend of the 31st, so just like the rest, I would like it on the 24th.
Shot 70 from the Whites today. Plays 5830 Yards, 68.3 Rating. Some bogeys (short game), some birdies, and two eagles today. Decent day, happy it happened. Back to the tips tomorrow. Need to get ready for those upcoming events.
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bechambo10/round/252472 Good Play. Windy and conquered it. Normally I am terrible in wind. Practice makes better.
Posted a 78 today at Classic Club in Palm Desert, CA. Played from the blues. Driving was great. Approach shots 150+ were shaky. Short game and putting came and went as it pleased throughout the round. A couple brilliant saves ie. sandy birdie, two +15 foot par putts. But also had some head knocking misses while chipping ie. Chipping two feet off green ten feet to hole, to putting 15 feet away, which was not one I made a par on, unfortunately. Next couple days, I am going...
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bechambo10/round/247630 AHHHHHH!!!!!!  Driving good, GIR's good, shortgame a putting.....SO BAD....
My Golf Round today. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bechambo10/round/243607
Went out yesterday and played a match between to alter egos. One was 'Clean Run' and the other 'Dirty Cal'. They both were playing pretty well at 1 under after four. But then the wind kicked up a bit, and ended up shooting 4 over for 'Dirty' and 2 over for 'Clean'. Then I went out and played Worst Ball, which is, like you probably could assume like Best Ball, except you play the worst from each shot. I didn't take score, which is kind of the point, but it did give me a lot...
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