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http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bechambo10/round/204158 Super nice golf course.
I decided, since I'm going to a golf club that was recently re-opened, to start a thread that talks about courses that have been revived from non operation or remade. I golf at a remade course, The Golf Club at Terra Lago, which was renamed a while back from Landmark Golf Club, home of the Skins Game in 1999-2001. So, talk about the revivals or remakes you've played or are located around and give your opinion on whether they maintained their value, improved or degraded.
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bechambo10/round/203155   Wind was crazy today. I had a short drive of 245, and a long drive of 364. Wind was around 20mph. It was definitely a good test of skill, when comes to playing the elements, keeping my trajectory low, and controlling my swing speed. Swinging hard in the wind is bad. 
I'm pretty sure Amanda was the one that convinced him to make the changes to his physical appearance. Was probably comfortable being long haired, pudgy and having a big dip in his lower lip.
I bet I can manage this challenge...who wants to bet against me hitting a ball 12" below water? I'll provide slo-mo video of my success.
Here's my round for the day. Not too bad. Drives and approaches were pretty good. Short game decent. Putter...eh. I want to post a sub-par on this thing already.   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/bechambo10/round/202385  
Good videos. Though, could we try not making vertical videos.        My pick for the tournament is Martin Kaymer, btw.
A late morning round produced a 75 for me at my golf club. Rating: 74.0 Slope: 138. I wasn't too impressed with any of my shots. I birdied 2, bogeyed 3, doubled 1. Wish I had my Game Golf on for this round. Forgot it on the computer. Highlights: Missed two putts within 3 feet....ARRGGHHH. *sigh* One for par, and one for birdie.  I managed to stay out of trouble, like water, bushes and quicksand. This is pretty much as good as I've scored in a while, and I didn't strike the...
 Well, lets not forget its SoCal, and that weather is fairly temporary. We have some storms coming through, and thats the reason for the colder weather. Give it a week and we'll be back to 80F.
That swing tendency of having the left knee bend towards the right reminds me of Ian Poulter's swing.    Maybe think about shortening the backswing a little bit to gain some club path and timing control. Something I've had some success with.
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