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This was posted on the SCGA site and I found it to be an interesting idea. I would like t hear everyone's thought on this.
Do you think I have big eyebrows?
It was a weird day. 4 doubles and 5 birdies, 78.
I would go for certain handicaps being given the choice to substitute in a handicap stroke of theirs for the option to play a tee or two up on the Par 3's. ie. blues to whites, or golds. That way you're giving a stroke for a yardage advantage which would make it interesting and risky. For example again, at Black Gold GC, hole #7 plays 149yds from the blues and you would substitute one handicap stroke for the opportunity to hit from the golds which is 129yds. 
Pretty cool day today. Had @tristanhilton85 caddie for me at a Pro-Am at Mission Hills CC on the tournament course for the upcoming Kraft Nabisco Championship. My team won second, (we played best two scores per hole, five man team, 4 am's 1 pro.) and I shot a 74. The Dinah Shore course was not what I would consider tournament condition for the Pro's standards, but pre-tournament condition, which is really nice by any amateurs standards. And I birdied 18, which was pretty...
Matt Every -14 Luke Donald -14 Fred Couples -14
Actually, let there not be a price limit. I say be creative.  Prize idea's: cookies lotion table cloth tees wheatgrass seeds a monocle get it....
So how about some closest to the pin for this event? This add-on always gives the round a little more exciting on the par 3's. I'll sponsor a hole if we can get three more for the others. We can agree on a price limit for the prize for each hole; like $15 or $20. 
  So, @tristanhilton85 took some more video of my swing for me. This DTL view points out how I am standing up during my attack causing the ball to cut. I think this is also the reason for a majority of my spin. I'm going to hit the range with my camera tomorrow morning and really figure this out. I integrated the flared feet and it is working similarly as my parallel feet, but perhaps improvement is yet to be seen. It feels to me that I have to relearn my weight shifts,...
New Posts  All Forums: