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Agreed. I play an annual event in Portland in FEBRUARY (dumb scheduling) and that's where I picked up the one pair I own along with a water proof outfit. I have. I spent $200 on the spot that day because these guys were going to tee off on hole #1 in the pouring rain. I'm so spoiled here in San Diego.
My experience is basically the same. The last one I played consisted of 4 pretty mediocre golfers. We shot pretty much bogey golf. Which is a lot better than any individual would normally play. Having 4 shots brings the score way up. 
I play these things all the time for work. I enjoy them a lot but never expect to win. I always figure the winners were 4 good golfers that formed a team. If you get 4  bogie golfers together I think you end up with a birdie on every other hole right? Not sure. Outright cheating as you describe seems stupid.
Totally agreed. We're not getting paid to play golf we're PAYING to play golf. Damn if makes you feel bad quit.
Wait, you didn't read about the guy walking back to the cart with the flag in his hand?
I'd think you have a wide spectrum of instructors, not 95% bad. And since there is not that many ways (if you don't make the PGA) to get paid to golf, there is probably a large group that get into it because - well - it's either that or another career. What I agree with is this: "They don't teach you how to do movements they just tell you what you are not doing" But even that can be helpful. I've taken some recent lessons from two different instructors, and when I start to...
I think you have the right idea - turning your frustration into fun. I get my "revenge" by switching to a range ball when the hole gets long.
That's pretty cool but solves a different problem. I was talking just about finding the club quickly. I don't have a problem picking the wrong club.
I know I'm bumping an old post but this hits home. I've taken group lessons that seem to make things worse. One guy came up to me during a driver setup and changed 3 things. I could barely hit the ball after that.
New Posts  All Forums: