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Agreed. As long as they have beer I'm OK with  without water.
Here is one of my favorite albeit wacky drought sensitive courses. "The Goat"   http://www.goathillpark.com/
Hi Willie. I'd bet there are a lot of San Diegans here. An ideal place for the sport (except yesterday with the lightning). I'm in the central area and play more at Mission Trails than anywhere else.
I can relate. Agree completely, esp #2.  When you fell like you lost it take smaller swings focus on hitting solid. But # 4 I like better.
At last we have an attempt to give me a serious answer.Thank you.
It wasn't easy.  Not sure I remember exactly but I think they flying off to he side at a 45 degree angle making it possible.
You got it. I guess I didn't do a good job of setting up this question.
No he pays the usual. I'm usually reserving a 4 some on Golfzing or Golfnow with 2 shared carts included.Otherwise there wouldn't be a cart for him to share.
Actually he does. But some of the courses we play are only partially walkable due to hills and distance .
I have a friend that likes to walk the course - even if it's not that walkable. So he'll sit in the electric cart and hold his push cart behind us. It's led to some fun experiences like crashing and running over his clubs. It cost him a putter.   I'm wondering if anyone has actually made such a push cart. One that can be fastened and towed.
New Posts  All Forums: