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Well said.  Along with the comment that "baba booey" got old decades ago. Yelling anything to bring attention to yourself. just points you out as having the maturity of a 15 year old. I wish PGA would evict these people.
Well the 10th is a 3 and there is a hot dog stand there. It seems the order of the groups goes to hell there anyway because many people stop to get a hot dog and a beer.  
I think I'll be putting together a group of 6 next weekend. Obviously in two groups. Any thoughts on how to keep this more social? For example I was thinking we could do two groups of three, then mix up those groups at the 10th hole.      What do you do when you get more than 4  to keep the group social?
Thaniks mvmac. 
Sorry if this was asked before but I'm thinking of using blades as a training aid.  If  they are easier to mishit if not hit exactly sweet, isn't that good training for ball striking? In other words if I can learn to hit them perfectly it will make other clubs seem easy - right?
Me too mainly because I usually can't fit both in - or don't want to - on the same day. 
This would make a great golf study. A real study would use multiple golfers and on two separated days, with and without the weighted workout. That being said I've had second thoughts after reviewing the previously cited youtube video. It kind of makes sense that swinging a weighted club might throw you off a hare because your body would have to shift between normal and weighted to produce the identical swing. 
Agreed. What about you ATLBraves. How much do you swim?
There is a common sense element to this too. I don't know but I like the idea that this thread starts out with - a study with data. Do the Orange Whip people base their claims on any real data?
One of my golf friends told me he simply gave up on gloves. He said they wear out so fast there was no point. Anyone else do this?   And I have lots of blisters because I skip the glove 50%
New Posts  All Forums: