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I'm looking at the same thing, the Net Return because of its high ratings. How much did this whole setup cost?
You know the old adage , half your shots are puts.  I wonder what the ideal practice time really is? I'm getting fond of this 18 minute number. Apparently that's the average time audiences start losing interest in a speaker. Somehow it feels right for golf I think if I could practice 18 mins per day for a year I'd be really good.
I actually have something similar to your I actually have something similar to your deal here in California through Golfzing. (American Golf). It is $40 per month. Not unlimited range balls but up to 2 large buckets a day. Plus free lessons. It is so popular at my local course they can't keep up with the demand. 
Could be a whole separate topic - those guys that vocalize every shot they make on the range. I'm fond of wearing headphones these days.
I've experienced the same at one time. Switching it up once in  a while solves the problem. Also, I can both hear and feel the impact of a club on the mat before the ball. Even though mats may be forgiving I doubt the "forgiven" shots are really great - just ok.
Weird!  I'm a cheap golfer that buys good quality stuff used. But I tried this out in my local Golf Smith today and boy did it seem easier to him than my TaylorMade R5 XL. Of course I didn't have them side by side but still it seemed a lot harder to mishit.   I saw another review somewhere where the golfer said the same thing - hard to mishit. Could the design be that much better?
I switch it up but lately have become fond of the mats again. For one I don't hit fat (this month) so that's not an issue. But I've mainly been working on ball contact. I do lots of punch shot (short swing) drills when it feels like I'm contacting less then dead on.   The mats are fine for this and the advantage is it takes less time not having to continuously dance around looking for some good grass. I also think it's easy to hear when your club hits the mat first, and...
This sounds like a good drill but one of my instructors said I definitely don't need to worry about "being too long". 
I know and it is attached to a Double Tree hotel. Some of the problems might be management. Other courses survive with less advantageous locations. The home owners around the course are not happy
Well one of the courses I liked for being centrally located actually closed, partly due to the cost of water. http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2015/feb/16/carmel-highland-closing-golf/ I don't worry about conditions so much. I actually like Oceanside Muni which is kind of shabby. I only worry about disappearing courses.
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