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Good points. Plus the one other big factor. You get ONE (driver/tee) shot at the course. How often is your 1st of say 10 drive session at the range the really good one?  For me they get better as I get into them. So what's the solution? For a while I was practicing at 9 hole course (not executive) instead of hitting the range. San Diego fortunately is loaded with cheap golf opportunities and this doesn't cost much more then a large bucket, i.e. $15. Maybe I should stick to...
I'm surprised this thread gave out so quickly I can totally relate. But for me it's just the driver.I'll buy a large bucket, hit everything fine including the driver. I'll usually do this on Saturday.   Sunday at the course. Tee up #1. I feel like I have no idea what will happen. If I'm lucky it will be a reasonable drive on the fairway. But sometimes it just dribbles. I hate that.
 When did you buy them? I'd like to buy some vintage (pre BK) ones. eBay has a lot but you can't ever tell how old they are. Golf clubs are confusing like that. Wish they were more like cars.
I know Nickent went bankrupt in 2009 then  Dick's took over the product. Is there any preference for the "original" pre-BK clubs over what is on the market today?   http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2009/11/nickent-golf-out-of-business.html
I see. Because its 14" wide you have to stand off to the side. I purchased a tiny mat with some almost golf balls once and I couldn't deal with it. Even though it was technically big enough for my swing path it psyched me out like I was going to miss it or something. I think I need a nice 4'x 4' at least.
Why do you add a doormat?
That's a good girlfriend. I'll check out the Rukk.
Wow those Real Feel mats are expensive. A 4x4 is $349 on eBay. Is it worth it?
Well this is clever.That you put it in your garage got me thinking. What are the dimensions?
After reading much of this thread I think I want a net. However I'm thinking of an actual "cage" not just a net. Go on eBay and see they have 10 x 10 x 10 cages. I'm worried that a simple net won't stop the occasional bad shot from going in the neighbor's yard. Anyone else using a cage?
New Posts  All Forums: