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Hmmm.I rented clubs at a Michigan course and they gave me an old Wilson set. I think the driver must have been 43" because at first I'm thinking, what are these ladies clubs?   Sure did seem easier to hit square than my 45"  r5 XL.Now I'm on the hunt for the old standard.   Someone above said that a 45" driver is really a 3 wood. Really? 3 woods have much smaller club heads don't they?
Interesting list of videos. Are they selling something? Looks like most of the info is free.
"Keep on keeping on, you'll get there.  "   Appreciate your words of encouragement.Yes I often joke "even the pro's do that" after a bad shot. I guess it's just a matter of how often....
I've been playing maybe 2.5 years and started kind of later in life (50's). I don't care about breaking 100, I just want to get to the point where I have no mis-hits, or close to that. I mean no severe topping, fat shots, wacky drives etc. Is that too much to ask? How long does it take to reach that point?
Good points. Plus the one other big factor. You get ONE (driver/tee) shot at the course. How often is your 1st of say 10 drive session at the range the really good one?  For me they get better as I get into them. So what's the solution? For a while I was practicing at 9 hole course (not executive) instead of hitting the range. San Diego fortunately is loaded with cheap golf opportunities and this doesn't cost much more then a large bucket, i.e. $15. Maybe I should stick to...
I'm surprised this thread gave out so quickly I can totally relate. But for me it's just the driver.I'll buy a large bucket, hit everything fine including the driver. I'll usually do this on Saturday.   Sunday at the course. Tee up #1. I feel like I have no idea what will happen. If I'm lucky it will be a reasonable drive on the fairway. But sometimes it just dribbles. I hate that.
 When did you buy them? I'd like to buy some vintage (pre BK) ones. eBay has a lot but you can't ever tell how old they are. Golf clubs are confusing like that. Wish they were more like cars.
I know Nickent went bankrupt in 2009 then  Dick's took over the product. Is there any preference for the "original" pre-BK clubs over what is on the market today?   http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2009/11/nickent-golf-out-of-business.html
I see. Because its 14" wide you have to stand off to the side. I purchased a tiny mat with some almost golf balls once and I couldn't deal with it. Even though it was technically big enough for my swing path it psyched me out like I was going to miss it or something. I think I need a nice 4'x 4' at least.
Why do you add a doormat?
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