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Agreed and that's why it's so hard to feel the difference between right and wrong. I'll see if i can get a vid.
 Verbiage to describe the 3 dimensional swing is always difficult but you're saying it right. Instead of a pure rotation about the spine, imagine the left shoulder dipping a bit toward the ground.
This thread is old but current for me. I didn't know I had the issue until my new golf instructor caught it, According to him the biggest issue is it robs power from the swing. I'm working on slow motion drills inside also. The hardest things to fix are these kind of habits  - the one our bodies want to do on their own. Hope I can break it.
I'm sensing a trend in feedback to be more thick skinned. Thanks.
That's a good point. No he did not.
No doubt the golf gods were trying to teach you humility for hitting that first hole so good.
Yesterday I was teamed up with a guy that wouldn't shut up, that constantly narrated his own game. Examples: "that was a great shot", "I'm delighted with what I just did", "I'm a bogey golfer, so I'm one point ahead right now" , and by narration I mean an unending stream of loud background talk blah blah blah . I think the only time he asked about me was to critique my swing.   A good golf partner in my opinion can talk, and engage.  Maybe it's a mistake to allow oneself...
I forgot about the media and sponsor events and other details.I guess like a lot of jobs balance can be difficult.
Perhaps that's why Rory got so much better after the breakup. Freedom to do nothing but practice.
You know I think I could handle the schedule of a pro golfer and still have plenty of time for the family - no worse than many of us doing  50 hours/week + today. There is plenty of time between events. And practice? So you live on a course. I don't see the issue.
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