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I play the Hex Diablo from time to time and haven't noticed anything like that. I do agree with how well the ball checks up on the greens, though. Callaway may be on to something with that hex design after all
Honestly, I agree with Dave. The game is 50 times more popular than it was in the 80s and 90s and I'm not sure why we don't have more lighted golf courses. Now, that being said, I do work part time at one right now so if we were to install lights and I ended up staying there until 11, I wouldn't be to happy. As for the previous comment, I enjoy par threes, a lot. It not only gives you good practice with your irons, but also with your short game, which is the most...
I can completely agree with the reasoning here. I feel like I make my best swings/contact when I just focus on the very basics and don't try to overthink the shot. I just line up for the shot and think "ok, just straight back and through, keep your head down and turn those hips." But I also feel like its easy to not think all that much when your swing is as good as those guys on tour.
Golf is a very very very funny game.
Eh he's only 3 shots back with one day left to play, tomorrow will be interesting for sure with the 3 way tie for first.
  As someone who works at a golf course, I can tell you that this is 100% true. So many times we've had to blow the horn for golfers to come in and/or shut down for the rest of the day because of bad weather.
I would have liked to see Bubba redeem himself from last week's meltdown, but he's not in the field, don't blame him, the guy probably needs a week off. I'm pulling for Spieth, though. Would be cool to see the young guy get his first win. Considering I'm 21 and he's only 19 it probably won't make me feel that great about my golf game if he wins.
Thank you everyone for the tips. I went to the range today and worked on everything. Never understood/knew the differences between chipping and pitching until now.
Alright, long story short: I work at a golf course and I was talking to our pro (my boss) today on the range and we got on the topic of lowering handicaps and what not and he said that golf is not about hitting it the farthest or having the prettiest swing, but being the best at chipping and putting as that will be the #1 way to start scoring lower. I chip OK and my putting could definitely use some work. I have Mizuno MPT Series 60 degree wedge I use within 100 yards to...
I strike the ball fairly well, but I have a bad habit of pulling the ball so I'm working on coming more from the inside and not making such an outside to inside swing. Also my mental game could use some fine tuning. I usually get pretty down on myself after a blow up hole (ex: a 6 or a 7)
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