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Hi everyone   I have been thinking of putting a new(for me) set of irons together and have naturally been doing some background research into what length to have the shafts. I am 6'2" and still growing, btw.   I came across a website which held measurements for traditional 70s lengths which led me to think, why not play them this length now? Surely it would lead to a more compact and controlled swing?   Furthermore I have always been recommended/fitted for plus size...
The Black Knight, the Big Easy and the most interesting man in golfa!
Hi everyone   As part of a qualification in school I need to identify an area of Welsh heritage and culture to try to promote, so I made a video/advertisement.   My video editing skills aren't great (rather terrible) but we weren't giving a lot of notice so I threw it together in order to get it out there quicker   Please can you spare a minute to watch it and maybe leave a comment on YouTube or maybe on this thread.   Thanks in advance to all the watchers...
@BZCDR do you mean that the ferrules would cost $38? surely get them from another shop 12 for $5 ;)
Personally I'm always looking around for classic Wilson irons on eBay (if it's the irons you have) and sell for maybe £40-£100 depending on condition
I have previously toyed with the idea of buying into the S series but didn't have the money at the time, during my research I looked at the Maltby playability factor, and by that formula S58s are in the game improvement area in terms of COG etc. I have no experience hitting them though so possibly someone else could help you out there :)
I have decided to overhaul my bag in exchange for lessons which are badly needed.    I am pretty much decided that in my 'new' bag will be a V-steel 3 or 4 wood, Cleveland sand wedge and an old Odyssey 2 ball.   The dilemma comes to the irons and big stick. Having surfed on Ebay I found that I can get my hands on a set of MX-17s or an old set of titleist CBs for very cheap. As far as the driver is concerned, I have no idea. I was thinking maybe a taylormade R5 model or...
Starting work on 5SK to get a solid swing together over the winter ready for start of next season to nail a good HCP :D
I shall set the scene: I had not been golfing too long, had just put a decent swing together but was still not hitting good shots often enough. So it is the first time I had played my home course, in the middle of the 8th fairway with the 15th running parallel left. I saw a group on the green, preceded to line up and once they were far enough away I hit probably the cleanest shot I had until then, about 20 ft from the hole. Rather pleased with myself I turn round to my...
Nike Machspeed Black 11.5 - 260~280 Nike VRS Hybrid 18 - 200 Nike VRS Hybrid 24 - 180 VR Pro Cavity 5 - 175 6 - 165 7-155 8-145 9-135 PW-120 52* - 100 60* - 70 Especially for 6 upwards these are carry plus roll distances. I tend to have a high flight on my irons
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