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I recently went in for my first few lessons after playing for a few years and developing on my own. I'm an 8 handicap now and the lessons really helped me improve my game. Nothing changed drastically just a few grip and posture fixes. The last few times out I've had a terrible hook. To the point it looks like I'm just learning the game. I'm taking huge divots and hitting the ground before the ball way worse than I used to. If I don't hook it, I hit it fat. This is...
Those were the grips I had in mind before i realized i liked the midsize. But even though they are the dri series ive heard quite a few complaints about them getting slick when wet which would be a problem because my hands sweat like crazy year round... other than that i love the feel of them
Hit with a club that had a golf pride multi compound mid-size grip the other day and fell in love with it. Im gonna swap out my stock grips for some mid-sized ones. Whats the best grip out there for the money? The golf prides felt great but they are pretty pricy...
Whats everyones take on the oversize grips for clubs? I do not have arthritis or anything, but i am guilty of over-gripping at times. I've moved to a super stroke 5.0 fatso on my putter and i feel it has improved my game. Has anyone experienced any negatives using oversize?   Im considering buying these to give them a...
Great advice! I'll give that a try ASAP, thanks!!
I dont so much mind the draw with the irons.. Its pretty controllable and gives me a little extra distance. I just don't get why I'm not getting squared with my driver if I am with all my other clubs 
Everybody and they're brother hits a slice with their driver..   But my question is, why (with my natural slight draw with my irons and hybrids) is the driver the only club that slices? If my other clubs draw naturally, shouldn't I be battling a hook?   HELPPP!!!
No problem. Thanks for bringing it up. Maybe someone will have a remedy if I bring that up
Any tips on how to solve that problem?
Oh okay! Well, that's tough to answer because I feel like the current shaft is part of my problem. Like I said I feel like I can control the face of club better with a stiffer shaft. My problem doesn't lie with making good contact it's either leaving the club just a little open and push fading, or when I square I feel like the club whips around and causes a hook. I feel that the shaft isn't sturdy enough to be where I want it, but I could be wrong....
New Posts  All Forums: