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Thanks MVMAC,  not just my lower body that was sliding keeping me from getting back to my set up position.  Anyhow it's been working for me.
I'm doing just the opposite,  trying to be more square in my feet.   I naturally walk with my feet flared and have played that way decided to try more square to eliminate a tendency to slide towards the target leading to a too steep downswing and inconsistent contact.   Been playing better than ever so sticking with it.
I use the "4 more yards" tee.  They don't give me any more distance. I use them because they are very flexible and I've never broken one. My club supplies free tees but they are cheap and break on every drive. got tired of having to carry a pocket of tees and what a waste.   I also carry a shorty solid plastic tee for use on par threes.   Only two tees I've used for three months.   Three times a week.
Lydia Ko can turn pro any time she wants.  Doesn't need the LPGA's approval to do that.  If she wants to play there full time before she turns 18 then she needs to jump through their hoops to be approved. I'm guessing she doesn't want to do the Michele Wie thing of going to college and not be able to play college golf.  She is leaving a lot of money on the table though,  It's a tough choice. 
Good to hear your story Dan, I'm guessing the type of pro you are thinking of is one who plays tournaments and tries to win prize money?   I think you are gaining a perspective on how difficult it really is.  Play more top level amateur tournaments like that USGA publinks qualifier Win it, go play it, make match play. Win your state amateur, Mid am, basically kick ass all summer in any top tournament you enter.   Then you turn pro and play against all the...
I holed out on a drivable par 4, 305 yards during the qualifying round for a match play tournament.  It was hard to tell if it went in, but the guy on the next tee  was overlooking the green and started yelling,  crazy.
Yes the Bandon courses don't require a caddy  Oakland Hills in Michigan If you want to walk in prime playing time you can only do it with a caddy Late afternoon you can walk on your own. I'm guessing the other major clubs like OHCC have similar policies.
Funny episode.  I was playing a few years back, winter in the NW. lots of geese. A playing partner flew a ball into a flock grazing in the fairway. They flew off except one that was flopping around on the ground - perfect neck shot.  To our amazement the guy went up to it grabbed it by its head and swung the thing around a few times to finish breaking its neck except the head came off in his hand.  No big deal just picked it up in a towel and threw it into the woods.
       Once you are putting it is your option to finish putting.  Usually it is just how comfortable you are with the putt you left or if you will be standing in someones line.  Another thing to help speed play is to announce while walking up to the putt you just missed if you are resting or marking or finishing
I've played with someone who had a cart but it was quite a few years ago.  I'm not sure what their policy is now but you rarely see anyone playing from a cart.   Your rounds sound good If he can walk Pacific he could do Trails they have a shuttle for the toughest climb there. September should be good but you never know.
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