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The "in the hole" guy is out dated, I do agree with you on that note. I love the mash potato because it has nothing to do with golf.   I wonder if the guy who first say it is sitting around telling his buddies that he started it... I know i would 
I recently found out that a guy a play with DOES NOT count a ball OB as a drop unless it goes into the water !!! I always wondered why he was shooting around my score... Doesn't bother me though because we aren't playing for money and I am basically out there playing to beat my score... 
I love it !!!! As long as it is AFTER the shot and not during the backswing...Who Cares !!!! I'd like to know who started the "mashed potato" epidemic and give them a high five    If anyone wants to follow me during my round and scream it... be my guest... you probably will not stay for long though !!!!
Ill check em out... Im looking to spend around 100 bucks for a wedge... maybe 110 thats why i don't want the vokeys 
I've tried the scor and wasnt a fan... Ive  had the opportunity to try Vokeys and know what they offer... With Ping and Cleveland I can get any degree wedge I want unlike with Mizuno where leftys arent offered much ... That's how it was determined ..   I havent even heard of the Edel wedges so thats something I will look into
To start off with I am a lefty   After doing some research the two companies that offer the widest variety of wedge options are Ping and Cleveland.  I play G15 irons but have no experience with Cleveland.  Can anybody recommend which wedges I should go with? I plan on trying to locate some Clevelands at the local shops but I sure I won't have any luck 
I just regripped wit the winn dri tec midsize and I love em.... I was looking for a grip that wouldnt slip and even though most people say they do, I havent had an issue yet.  Even with sweaty hands and 95 degree weather.
I feel your pain man... Being a left-handed golfer is tough. I too am in the middle of replacing all of my wedges.  After doing lots of research I decided to go with a 50* mizuno jpx wedge and so far its done pretty well for me.
Yeah I would splurge and take lessons.... Aint nothing better than bombing a drive down the fairway... But if you wanna go the other route, I just saw that Tour Edge has an 11.5* 3 wood... Basically a driver with a smaller head... Might be what you are looking for
My 3h is a ping g20... i was fitted for the set so it shouldnt be the shaft... The 5 wood is a g20 as well, that's why i'm asking... i've never hit a 7 wood before
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